They assure the US Government and Congress is dragging the country into war

In an analysis published on the digital site, “Is Washington fighting Russia to the last Ukrainian?,” the politician estimated that despite the existence of “slight hopes” that the negotiations between Moscow and kyiv produce a ceasefire, it almost seems that Washington hates that it happens.

Even, he added, Senator Lindsay Graham openly calls for someone to kill the Russian president and many in the US House of Representatives demand that the Administration establish a “no-fly zone” over Ukraine.

Are they crazy?, pointed out the also member of the Libertarian Party, a no-fly zone means that everything that can prevent the total air dominance of the United States is destroyed. That would represent an attack on Russian air and missile defense systems inside Russia. In other words, World War III, he alerted him.

Paul lamented that a large bipartisan group in Congress seems to think World War III is worth getting to.

He explained that much of what is happening now has been orchestrated since the Obama administration when State Department officials like Victoria Nuland and Antony Blinken planned and executed the 2014 overthrow of the Ukrainian government.

This, he underlined, is what put us on this path to conflict, as the government put in place after the coup began to demand NATO membership.

Blinken, Nuland and the others responsible for this heinous act returned to government in higher positions under President Biden and continue to push their Ukraine agenda.

Paul asserted that the State Department is trying to get us into a war and the Pentagon is trying to keep us out. What irony! he lamented.

Three weeks into this terrible war, he is not holding talks with Russia, and instead of supporting negotiations between Ukraine and Russia that could lead to a ceasefire and an end to bloodshed, he is escalating the conflict, he said.

The steady flow of US and allied weapons into Ukraine and talk of supporting an expanded insurgency do not seem designed to give kyiv a battlefield victory, but rather to give Russia what Secretary of State Blinken called “a strategic defeat,” he stressed.

It appears that the Biden Administration intends to fight Russia to the last Ukrainian. The only solution for Washington is to get out. Let the Russians and the Ukrainians come to an agreement, he said.

Does that mean that there is no NATO for Ukraine and that there are no US missiles on the borders of Russia? And? End the war and then NATO, remarked the former member of the House of Representatives from Texas.


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