El sospechoso fue capturado por la Policía a pocas cuadras de la cantina clandestina.

They assault a man in a clandestine canteen in Ambato

It was 01:50 on Sunday the 6th of February from 2022 when, at through of ECU 911, police personnel from La Matrix 2 was alerted about of a suspicious of theft that transited through the center of Ambato.

The uniformed they met Luis T., who assured having been robbed inside a house located at the intersection of Cuenca and Eloy streets alfaro.

According to the report policethe property it worked like a bar clandestineplace where the event would have occurred criminal.

captured criminal

the alleged injuredhe told the cops that her attacker was wearing a shirt white, colored pants black and a pair of slippers white.

With this description The police began the search for the involvedlocating it on Tomás street Seville.

by doing a Registration a team was found cell phone and six 20 bills Dollars.

The one involved, Byron Alfred L., 38 years old, was transferred to where Luis was, who identified him as his attacker.

Fueron encontrados en posesión del presunto delincuente, además de un celular.

How did the crime occur?

Once he course thief was caught, Luis He said to the gendarmes which was within of the speakeasy, where also I was Byron and formed a fracas Between both.

According to him affectedByron pushed him and daring to the ground, to then give him several hits of fist

In the middle of strugglethe perpetrator would have stripped him of his cell phone and wallet that contained your personal documents, plus $80 in cash.

El lugar donde sucedió el ilícito es una casa que aparentemente funciona como bar clandestino en el centro de Ambato.


With the evidence and the testimony of victim aged 46, Byron was arrested and joined in the Unit of Assurance Transient Unit Surveillance Community (UVC).

Luis put the complaint in the manner formal before the prosecution and the apprehended was Market Stall at the orders of the authorities judicial relevant, accused of the crime of Stole. (MAG)

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