They ask to legalize 200 thousand cars that entered until June

They ask to legalize 200 thousand cars that entered until June

Jorge Quispe / La Paz

The National Association of Owners of Undocumented Vehicles (Anpvi) or chutos cars, as the authorities call it, intends for the Government to nationalize 200,000 motorists without papers that entered the country until June 30, 2021, its representative, Rubén Ferrufino, reported yesterday.

“We want 200 thousand cars to be nationalized, that is what our bill that we presented in August says, but not those that entered in July. The project is only for 200 thousand cars, ”Ferrufino explained yesterday to Página Siete. In August, Anpvi presented the project publicly and then handed it over to some national assembly members.

According to data managed by Ferrufino, in Bolivia there are between 400,000 and 500,000 motorized vehicles without papers that circulate in much of the territory. “Unfortunately, many undocumented cars have continued to enter. They have even raised their prices when they found out about the project we have to nationalize them ”, he added.

Supreme Decree 29836 of 2008 prohibits the entry to Bolivian soil of cars with more than five years of antiquity.


Ferrufino indicates that he and his affiliates are not chuteros, as the authorities of the Police, Armed Forces and National Customs of Bolivia call them.

“We have been clear, we are not chuteros, the chutero is the one that introduces (the motorized to Bolivia), we have bought them in national territory”, defends Ferrufino. In the national territory there are at least nine illegal fairs where motorized vehicles that are brought from the ports of Iquique and Arica in Chile by countless illegal passages to Potosí and Oruro are sold. Ferrufino says that a later regulation should regulate clandestine fairs.

And although the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Freddy Mamani, ruled out on September 6 that a law would nationalize undocumented cars in the country, Ferrufino revealed that on December 30 they met with advisers to the president of the Senate, Andrónico Rodriguez.

“After the meeting, we left strengthened and grateful, because we know that brother Andrónico is going to give us the help we need, he will try to help us in whatever way he can. That is what their technicians have told us, ”Ferrufino asserted.

Federated transport

And before the refusal of the federated transport that rejected the nationalization of the chutos cars, Ferrufino points out that this sector does not have to worry.

“We are not thinking of taking away their sources of work. Our project says that for a period of three to four years, each of these cars will not be part of public transport and less of free transport ”, he said.

Ferrufino also adds that for three to four years, the owners of these cars will not be able to market them. “You don’t have to worry about federated transport,” he adds.

They will march on the 14th

  • Friday While waiting for the government authorities to summon them, Anpvi called for a march to its bases for this Friday the 14th from Cruce Ventilla in El Alto to La Paz to demand the nationalization of its motor vehicles.
  • Inside. “People will come from all over the country for a march to La Paz. They confirmed that there will be delegations from Turco and Pampa Aullagas from Oruro, from Samaipata and Los Negros from Santa Cruz ”, confirmed Rubén Ferrufino.
  • Crimes According to the authorities, while some peasants use these cars to transport themselves between their communities, others also use them to commit crimes.

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