They ask Lacalle to provide conditions to hold a workshop against 135 articles of the LUC


In a letter addressed to the President of the Republic, Luis Lacalle Pou, signed by Rafael Michelini and José Olivera, the Commission for the Yes to the annulment of 135 articles of the LUC states that “it is positive that the national government communicates with detail the contents of the norms that it promotes (through the workshop on the technical contents of the LUC, which was convened by the Presidency in the Executive Tower building), since democracy is only fully realized if there is informed participation of citizens in the political life of the country ”.

However, they regret that this communication “was not widely given at the time of the approval of the Law, or during the process of collecting signatures for the call for the referendum on it.”

The promoters of the referendum also question that “the effort to inform the population is only deployed from the campaign for the annulment of the 135 articles and the interest of the government and the coalition of the parties that sustain it, that that does not happen ”.

“We are pleased that the campaign to collect signatures promoted by the Commission and endorsed by almost 800 thousand citizens has opened this democratic debate on such an important, comprehensive norm that was treated and approved in such a summary manner,” the letter states. .

Equal footing

Therefore, they understand that just as it corresponds to inform the reasons of those who are in favor of supporting the 135 articles, it corresponds to inform the reasons of those who are in favor of annulling the 135 articles, and “it is neither fair nor democratic that public resources are put at the service of only one of the two options ”.

For these reasons, they request President Lacalle Pou to adopt the necessary measures so that the Commission can carry out “a workshop with the same characteristics and in the same place, as the one organized by the Presidency to present its arguments in favor of the regulations in question.”

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