They ask AMLO to stop harassing journalists after the attack on Gómez Leyva

They ask AMLO to stop harassing journalists after the attack on Gómez Leyva


On Thursday night, the prominent colleague Ciro Gómez Leyva was ambushed and shot to death. Our solidarity with Ciro is total, and our indignation at the event leads us to demand that the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, stop the harassment that he exercises against critical journalists.

Virtually all the emanations of hate towards journalists are incubated, born and spread in the National Palace. Defamation, which replaces the debate of ideas, is a call for physical violence against journalists stigmatized by the president.

The murders of journalists mark a record in this six-year term, and the impunity is alarming. We demand that the government clarify the attack, punish the material and intellectual culprits, and that President López Obrador assume political responsibility for him in this assassination attempt.

If President López Obrador does not control himself in his impulses of anger towards critical journalists, the country will enter an even bloodier stage than other Latin American countries have already experienced: assassinating journalists to destabilize the government, or killing in payment of favors to the government.

The president has the floor.

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