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They arrest two abusers on the last day of the year

To date, more than 115,000 people have already passed through the Asunción Bus Station (former bus terminal), as part of the New Year’s Eve Operation. The largest number of passengers was registered between yesterday and today.

The arrival of New Yearas it happens in ChristmasIt is an opportunity used by many people to travel within the country and share such an important date in the company of the family.

The Asuncion Bus Station It’s one of the most important concentration points in these festivities, taking into account that It is the main terrestrial terminal of the Central zone.

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Until the last closing, More than 115,000 people have passed through said station since the start of the New Year’s Eve Operationwhich includes both those they traveled for Christmas like those of this New Year.

Sara Giménez, director of the Asunción Bus Stationindicated that until yesterday there was a record of approximately 45,000 people that came from this point to receive 2023 in other locations of the national territory.

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The largest flow of passengers registered yesterdaythough a significant number of travelers also left this morningmostly people who continued with work activities and commitments Until yesterday.

For him New Year usually the number of passengers at the station is exceededcompared to the Christmas operation, highlighted Giménez.

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