BVL closes the year with a slight gain of 0.82%

BVL closes the year with a slight gain of 0.82%

This year will be remembered not only for the change of government, but also for political uncertainty, social conflicts, and the suspension of operations by mining companies.

All this led to the (BVL) closed with only a slight gain of 0.82%, according to data from the manager of Diviso Bolsa SAB, Daniel Romero, who indicated that “until the end of August there was a great loss that we have shortened since mid-September.”

He also explained that the mining sector has been one of the hardest hit in 2022, mainly due to stoppages of operations.

Meanwhile, the manager of Kallpa SAB, Alberto Arispe, explained that the EPU, which is a fund listed on international stock exchanges and groups 24 Peruvian companies, only grew 2%.

“Of course, it should be noted that we came from two very bad years for Peru. In 2021 the EPU fell 12%”, he added, indicating that there is little appetite for Peruvian assets since the end of 2019.

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By 2023, analysts agreed that everything will depend on many factors, including what happens with the government of Dina Boluarte.

The market, in the last quarter of 2023, will also be aware of the campaign for the elections that would take place in 2024, and of the people who lead the polls.

In addition, they pointed out that it is important to solve the social conflicts related to mining, taking into account, in addition, the good prices of metals.

On the international side, among the variables that impact the Peruvian market are the value of copper, taking into account that Peru is one of the main producers, as well as the performance of the United States economy.


On the other hand, the dollar closed the year with a fall of 4.61% and trading at S/3,807, according to data from the BCR. This is the lowest figure since last June 28.


-The General Index of the Lima Stock Exchange fell 0.02% on Friday, while the Selective fell 0.75%.

-As of December 28, net international reserves totaled US$73,288 million, below US$73,435 million in 2021.


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