They arrest in Rosario 16 people from a gang linked to "The monkeys"

They arrest in Rosario 16 people from a gang linked to "The monkeys"

Ariel “Guille” Cantero, leader of the drug gang “Los Monos”, is serving a prison sentence of more than 100 years for eight sentences.

Sixteen people were arrested with weapons and drugs in four raids carried out in the Las Flores neighborhood of the city of Rosario, a territory dominated for decades by the “Los Monos” drug gang. as a result of an investigation for cocaine stretched with carfentanil that caused hospitalizations of local userss, reported police and judicial sources.

Two of the people arrested are women with the surname Cantero and it is being investigated whether they belong to the family who leads the well-known clan of the Las Flores and La Granada neighborhoods, whose boss, Ariel “Guille” Cantero, He is serving a prison sentence of more than 100 years for eight sentences.

raids They were ordered by the federal court 3 of Rosario, in charge of Carlos Vera Barros, and executed by police officers from the Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC) and the Special Operations Troops (TOE), the informants specified.

Also participating in the investigation is the Rosario headquarters of the Drug Trafficking Attorney’s Office (Procunar).

The procedures They were carried out at three different heights of the Lirio Passage –between 1,700 and 1,900- and in Flor de Nácar at 6,900, “historical territory of operation of ‘Los Monos'”, indicated a police spokesman.

According to the details of the raids, The largest drug seizure took place in Pasaje Lirio 1760, where the Police found more than 5 kilos of marijuana and 18 grams of cocaine.

In the rest of the requisitioned homes, he was kidnapped small amounts of drugs, weapons, ammunition, cash, a car, scales and elements typical of the fractionation of narcotics for retail sale, an investigator told Télam.

“The raids were carried out based on information that arose from other procedures performed on a Sunday for the alleged poisoned drug, which was not,” added the consulted spokesman.

It was the case of eight people hospitalized last Sunday, February 6, for intoxication with cocaine that, according to the investigation, they had bought in the Las Flores neighborhood.

The investigations had warned of “maneuvers compatible” with the retail drug trade in the raided homes, so they decided to carry out the searches.

According to the investigation, the 16 people arrested -eight men and eight women- “were marketing, stockpiling, dividing and distributing narcotics in the heart of the Las Flores neighborhood” of Rosario.

Among those arrested, who would be investigated by federal court 3, there are two young girls of 23 and 25 years of age with the surname Cantero, one of whom lives in the neighborhood where the procedures were carried out and another has an address in Villa Gobernador Gálvez, a neighboring city. with Rosario to the south.

The investigators sought to determine if they were relatives of the family that has led the criminal group known as “Los Monos” for two decades.

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