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They arrest an important drug supplier in Minga Guazú

This is Juan Alberto Figueredo, alias “Tuku”, who lives in the San Ramón neighborhood of Minga Guazú, as far as the anti-drug agents seized more than 100 grams of cocaine from the man’s power, distributed in 37 portions, 21 doses of crack and cash that would be the result of the sale of drugs.

“Tuku” has a history of aggravated robbery, as confirmed through the National Police database. According to the intelligence work carried out by the agents, they realized that Figueredo was an important supplier for other micro-traffickers in the area, and also used his house as a focus for drug sales.

Prosecutor Manuel Rojas, who accompanied the procedure, ordered the seizure of the drugs and the arrest of Juan Alberto Figueredo, who was taken to the Senad base.

The entrance They arrest an important drug supplier in Minga Guazú was first published in diary TODAY.

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