They arrest 2 policemen who move 270 thousand explosives

They arrest 2 policemen who move 270 thousand explosives

Two policemen were arrested today in when they transported 270 thousand explosives and one of them, Major PNP, Eduardo Mejía Murga, identified himself as the commissioner of the Santa Marta police station in Arequipa in order to presumably not be intervened.

However, according to police information, the cash works in the administrative area of the police station in question.

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The intervention took place at approximately 5:00 a.m. at the Cabanillas Customs Control, when Mejía Murga was driving the van and the retired lieutenant, Jorge Pizarro Azabache was accompanying as co-pilot.

Intervention was at the Customs post of Cabanillas

The members of the Explosives Disposal Unit went to the area to remove the large number of percussion caps.

It should be remembered that these materials must be transferred with prior authorization and with the corresponding protocols and in authorized vehicles.

The illegal merchandise would be valued at approximately 25 thousand US dollars.

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