No están vigiladas ni autorizadas: Ojo lo tumban con créditos que exigen dinero anticipado para el supuesto desembolso

They are not supervised or authorized: Be careful, they knock you down with credits that require money in advance for the supposed disbursement

The Financial Superintendence of Colombia launched an alert for several false promotions with which they would be “cheating” more than one.

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Through social networks or through flyers that are handed out on the street, they would be ‘knocking down’ more than one unsuspecting Colombian who falls for the desire to obtain credits.

According to the Financial Superintendence of Colombia, there are several alerts that have had to be carried out in recent days due to the irregular use of their name by alleged companies that claim to be monitored and authorized to operate in the market.

According to the entity, they are using “false documentation and information, in which they fraudulently include the name or institutional image of this Superintendence or falsely claim to be monitored by the SFC.”

This with the intention of, as reported, appropriating people’s resources through “an advance collection of sums of money as a condition for the alleged disbursement of a loan.”

They assure that they invest in “financial assets” in App

Another of the alerts that has been made public by the SFC is that many of these companies tell their clients that “such advance payments will be invested in financial assets through an online platform.”

However, they clarify that they do not have “authorization to carry out this type of operation of the Colombian stock market.”

watch your pocket

Avoid falling into the trap and keep in mind the following recommendations:

Another of the elements that from the Superintendence Financiera de Colombia notes and extends to citizens is that the entity does not intervene “in any procedure or process of granting credits, either in the entities subject to its surveillance or through individuals who carry out said activities.”

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