Reciben ya RD$2.1 millones para alquiler de casas

They already receive RD$2.1 million for house rental

The Presidential Commission for Neighborhood Development Aid (CPADB) delivered aid to refugees and victims of Los Ríos, affected by storm Laura in 2020for RD$141,000.00with what they already add RD$2,126,000 the resources that have been delivered while houses are being built for those affected.

Since the month of August of the year 2020, after the passage of Storm Laura, 11 families lost their homes and other belongings, due to the flooding of the waters of the ravine that crosses the Los Ríos sector of the Dominican capital.

Since then President Luis Abinader instructed Rolfi Rojaspresident of the CPADB, and Reverend NElson Arias Cabadapresident of the Association of Christian Churches El Olivar (Asicristo) to accompany these people until they receive decent housing.

The victims have been benefited with the payment of their rents, delivery of cooked food rations, and health, emotional, and spiritual assistance, in order to improve their living conditions in the midst of their process, said Arias Cabada.


It specifies that with the latter, the aid corresponding to the month of January 2022 is delivered in a timely manner, for an amount of RD$141,000.00 pesos, which, added to what was previously provided by the Ministry of Housing, Habitat and Buildings (MIVHED) (former INVI) and the CPADB constitute a total amount in cash of 2 million 267, thousand pesos during the 17 months of accompaniment after the tragedy.

On your side, Valeriana Fortuna Mejía and Estheisi Maríawho were evicted after the storm because their homes were in danger of collapsing, considered that the three thousand pesos available to the government is not enough to pay the rent where they live.

They stated that in the rented apartments where they live they pay between 11 and 13 thousand pesosso they find themselves in trouble every month to pay the owners from whom they receive strong pressure.

Authorities warn that despite the fact that they were evicted from their own homes, in the delivery of the three thousand pesos they are treated as tenants, for which they fear a cat in a bag when it comes to assigning the houses.

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