They already give a second dose to children from 5 to 11 in Huancavelica

They already give a second dose to children from 5 to 11 in Huancavelica

With little participation of children, they began to give the second dose of the pediatric Phizer vaccine in the immunization centers installed in Huancavelica.

We visited the EI Pepín Cárdenas vaccination center where the health personnel were waiting for the health personnel, in which, until 1:00 p.m., an average of 10 children arrived.

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“It’s because of the climate change, in addition, many children are in the academy and their parents prefer to bring them in the afternoon, we hope that in the afternoon there will be more influx,” said Carla Díaz, head of the Pepín Cárdenas vaccination center.

Katherine Llihua Ccora, coordinator of the immunization strategy of the Huancavelica Health Network, stated that as a province they have the goal of 17,495 children, according to the INEI population, of which, an average of 3 have already been vaccinated with the first dose. 1,694 children.

“It makes approximately 18% of the coverage, based on the first dose, for the second doses they hope to cover minimally the scope of this goal, the more than 3,000 vaccines,” said Llihua Ccora.

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He limited: “The figure is quite low, the MINEDU has not yet ruled on the mandatory nature of the vaccine in children, it has only ruled that vaccination will be mandatory in the complete scheme for teachers.”

The specialist said that there was little influx in the morning hours, however, they expect many parents to take their children on weekends.

“In the first dose on Saturdays and Sundays there was a greater influx, we reached up to 200 children for each vaccination, it is because many parents work from Monday to Friday, the rain also influences”, specified Llihua Ccora.

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He urged parents to vaccinate their children against COVID-19 in order to prevent severe forms of this disease that claimed many lives in the first and second waves.

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