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They allocate more than 46 million pesos to pay affected vehicle owners

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Destinan más de 46 millones de pesos para pagar a dueños de vehículos afectados

The Government began this Thursday the payments to the owners of the vehicles affected by the flood of November 4, in the National District and surrounding areas, who deposited their documentation within the period established by Insurance Superintendencywhich involves an amount RD$46,408,165.89.

The Insurance Superintendent, Josefa Castillo, explained that, of 672 requests submitted by the interested parties, 658 files were approved, which represents 97.92 percent; she also explained that 10 files were referred to insurance companies representing 1.49 percent, because these vehicles have policies that cover comprehensive risks (damage by natural phenomena).

It revealed that another 4 cases, representing 0.60 percent, were declined after the adjusters’ evaluation. The total number of cases attended is 672, for 100 percent of those evaluated.

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Distribution of payments to vehicle owners

The Insurance Superintendent said that, according to the assessments of the adjusters, the damages of the six hundred fifty-eight (658) cases approved, correspond to an amount of 40,428,376.38 (Forty million four hundred twenty-eight thousand three hundred seventy-six weights with 38/100). He explained that RD$2,035,470.00 of legal expenses and RD$3,944,319.51 of administrative expenses are added to the amounts, which add up to the total amount of RD$46,408,165.89 (Forty-six million four hundred eight thousand one hundred sixty-five pesos with 89/100). She explained that the payments are between a minimum amount of 10,000 pesos and the established maximum of up to 100,000 pesos.

Josefa Castillo Rodríguez, expressed her satisfaction with the good disposition of the President of the Republic, Luís Abinader, who, thanks to this promise fulfilled, with this program that favorably impacted people who do not have the economic capacity to have insurance that covers Risks Comprehensive (damage to nature), which demonstrates the customary solidarity of President Abinader in favor of the Dominican people, “in a government in which we continue to advance and change,” he proclaimed.

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