Inumet announced how the weather will be on Christmas Eve and Christmas

Inumet announced how the weather will be on Christmas Eve and Christmas

There will be a marked drop in temperatures and some regions will not have rain on Saturday night

The Uruguayan Institute of Meteorology (Inumet) gave a virtual press conference yesterday Wednesday in which it announced its weather forecast for next Saturday 24 and Sunday 25, days on which Christmas Eve and Christmas are celebrated.

The Inumet, like the meteorologist Serra, foresees the passage of a cold front that will affect the entire national territory with rains and storms. The head of Inumet Forecasting, Néstor Santayana, assured that prefrontal activity is expected, which is when high temperatures are combined with increased cloudiness and decreased pressure.

Weather alerts may be issued

Rains and storms of varying intensity are expected, some of them will be strong, which is why warnings were given to the Emergency Coordination Centers of various departments, particularly in the south and southwest. It is possible, Santayana said, that weather alerts will be issued.

On Saturday, December 24, the wind will rotate and cause a drop in temperature. The maximum in the south will be between 23 and 25 degrees, a night that will be much cooler compared to previous years. That Saturday the rains will begin to move northward as a result of the cold front and the rotation of the wind.

“On the 24th at night in the Southwest it will start to improve. They will cease towards the southwest on the night of December 24, however, in some cities in the north, center and east the precipitations could continue. The first hours of December 25 improve, but the scarce rainfall would return in coastal areas, due to the contribution of the wind that will affect the coastal strip, ”said the head of forecasting.

“Obviously, we’re going to be monitoring it in depth.”

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