They affirm that Cuba is ready for a new Family Code

When intervening in the television space We Make Cuba, the expert pointed out the importance of understanding that the document is for the benefit of each person, hence the need to promote dialogue and exchange, in order to generally achieve respect for human rights , said.

He pointed out that the draft, which already has version 23, is consistent with the current Constitution of the Republic, which recognizes all types of family.

“The Code does not impose models, but is based on practice, reality and has to protect people,” said González.

He emphasized the urgency of knowing the contents of the version, which prioritizes, among other issues, the recognition of the role of older adults in the family environment and their guarantees, and establishes the prohibition of child marriage.

Other topics present in the document are prevention and protection against situations of violence, parental responsibility, defense of the best interests of the child, alternative methods of conflict resolution and the possibility of adoption, he said.

He recalled that when the majority of the Cuban population (more than 86 percent who voted) approved the current Magna Carta in 2019, they did so in favor of maintaining the principle of equality and non-discrimination.

Similarly, González stressed that the draft is the result of collective work between lawyers and specialists from other disciplines, which also had the criteria of specific groups for its formation.

Variant 23 was submitted after receiving more than 500 opinions, which resulted in the modification of more than 270 articles and an increase in the standard’s glossary of terms.

This process of debate with experts, carried out between September and October of this year, made possible direct dialogue with institutions and organizations, and took into account the analyzes of lawyers, universities, as well as the suggestions of the population received via email from families. @

The draft will be examined by the deputies of the National Assembly of People’s Power, and once approved it will go to a popular referendum.

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