They add a third detainee for corruption in the Valera hospital

They add a third detainee for corruption in the Valera hospital

This Monday a citizen who worked in the control area of ​​the deposit of the Doctor Pedro Emilio Carrillo University Hospital in the city of Valera was arrested for the crime of corruption.

This arrest is the third to be carried out in less than 48 hours in the entity.

The information was provided by the governor of Trujillo, Gerardo Márquez through his social network Instagram.

“He had a large number of documents in his home that regulate the entry and exit controls of medical supplies, remaining at the order of the Prosecutor’s Office,” the publication details.

fight against corruption

The investigations of corruption and theft of medical material and supplies are advancing in the hospital “and workers continue to fall (…) involved in these acts against the people and the State,” he posted.

Under the guidelines of the Public Ministry, the Directorate of Citizen Security and Peace of the government and the Armed Police Forces of the state (Fapet) the arrest of the person responsible for controlling the deposits of the hospital center was arrested.

“We have declared war on the mafias and we will not rest until those responsible who have tried to threaten the life and health of our people fall. We will win! Iron Fist!” he posted.

There are two more detainees as a result of the investigations

In this way, the Bolivarian government of the state of Trujillo dealt a blow to corruption and theft of material and medical supplies in the largest hospital in the entity.

Last Saturday, a worker at the University Hospital warehouse in the city of Valera was arrested in flagrante delicto for the crime of selling a large quantity of medical supplies and medicines. The citizen was placed under the order of the Prosecutor’s Office.

Then, on Sunday, another Valera hospital worker was arrested and a large amount of medical supplies stolen from the health center’s warehouses were seized, following a search warrant issued by the Fourth Control Court of the judicial district of Trujillo state. .

“It is a presidential order and a commitment of the revolution to continue fighting the mafias, no matter where they are, the iron fist will reach them wherever it is,” said the governor.

Complaints of corruption in radio program

These investigations against the “hospital mafias” began on April 19 when a “flash review” by Fapet found a large number of supplies and medicines in the operating room areas of the Valera University Hospital.

At that time, an anesthesiology postgraduate student was arrested for allegedly carrying medical supplies in a personal bag.

“With firmness and determination we are going against the hospital mafias. We have already started! ”, Indicated the governor in his social networks.

The regional president assured that he was attentive to the complaints issued through text messaging and Whatsapp of the radio program ¡Háblame Gerardo! and on their social networks.

The investigations into these acts of corruption and theft of surgical medical material will continue for the health of the people of Trujillo.

New endowment arrives in the state

The Trujillana Health Foundation (Fundasalud) reported through its account on the social network Instagram the provision of supplies and medicines by the Ministry of Health.

The material will be distributed in Hospital Centers, Comprehensive Diagnostic Centers (CDI) and Community Pharmacies in Trujillo state.

“The highest health authority in the state, Yadira Pereira, called on hospital directors for control, awareness and fair administration of the resources that are arriving to meet the needs of the people,” he posted.

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