They accuse the military father of fugitive femicide as co-author

They accuse the military father of fugitive femicide as co-author

Luis Escobar / La Paz

Army Lieutenant Colonel Iván LI was arrested yesterday accused of being a co-author of the femicide of Vania Trujillo. His son, Vladimir I., is the main person implicated in this crime and is on the run. The victim’s family and the police commander accused the prosecutor Dubraska Jordán of “negligence”, who allowed the aggressor to flee and yesterday she was removed from the process.

“Today (yesterday) the father of the alleged femicide was arrested, since elements were found to determine the degree of co-authorship in the crime of femicide. We understand that he is a lieutenant colonel. For this reason, in the vicinity where he carried out his functions, the arrest was made, ”said the coordinator of La Paz prosecutors, Nilda Calle, yesterday afternoon.

The crime occurred on February 18 at the couple’s house, in the San Antonio area, and where the defendant’s father also lived. Prosecutor Dubraska Jordán stated that she learned of the incident at two in the morning on February 19 thanks to a direct police intervention report.

“The Police, when they informed me about this fact, said that it was a suicide. (…) In the record of the removal (of the corpse) the forensic doctor says: possible cause of death intoxication due to unknown intake, ”explained prosecutor Jordán.

The mother arrived at the couple’s home and found her daughter in her underwear. She could not believe what had happened and between the struggle to control her anguish and her crying, she asked the prosecutor to arrest her daughter’s partner. She “she took us out of the room and even though there was a patio, she took us to the street. She told me to stay away and she replied that there was no evidence. What more evidence did she want if he lived with my daughter? He killed her,” said the mother.

The family’s attorney, Laura Crespo, said that after performing the autopsy, the report revealed that the cause of death was strangulation. “How come they didn’t realize at first that they had marks on her neck, but they did report that she had a tattoo,” she complained.

The professional said that three days after the crime, on February 21 (which was Monday), the arrest warrant against Vladimir I was just issued. The lawyer tried to advance the process, to activate the “red code” to prevent him from leaving of the country, but did not find an answer in any institution. That is why she went to Mujeres Creando.

María Galindo, representative of this group, received the complaint and on Thursday, March 17, went to the Prosecutor’s Office -with the victim’s mother and sister- to confront the departmental prosecutor, Wiliams Alave, about the incident and found an “empty office” .

In this interim, Galindo found the prosecutor Jordán, whom he questioned why he allowed the military’s son to escape. In her defense, the representative of the Public Ministry blamed the Police for not having reported the strangulation and allowing the main accused to escape.

Hours later, the General Commander of the Police, Jhonny Aguilera, responded to Jordán: “The prosecutor is not only negligent, but a liar and discriminator. We have 17 reports against him, we are part of a criminal prosecution because he did not allow the Police to act to evacuate the body, he did not allow us to apprehend the author and I hope that a forensic examination is carried out, ”he said.

Aguilera said that from the study of the crime scene they had “enough elements” to suspect that the author of the act was the son of the soldier.

For these reasons, Aguilera said he will file a formal complaint with the attorney general. “I have different reports that accuse her of having mistreated the human talent of the Police, treating them as Indians and incapable. The police may have humble extraction and that is not why we are going to tolerate this mistreatment, ”she said.

When Galindo questioned the prosecutor Jordán about the reasons why he did not arrest the father of the accused of femicide, the authority replied: “(The crime of) concealment has a sentence of two years and his apprehension does not correspond,” he said.

Yesterday, the coordinator of prosecutors, Nilda Calle, assured that the new accusation is for “co-authorship” of femicide and for that he was apprehended.

“This person, perhaps, was aware of the damages that were committed against the victim beforehand, he was the first person who knew about the fact, he did not act as he should, he came to testify with the accused and proceeded to help him escape. They are hypotheses. Watching over the rights, we must continue with the investigations to show whether or not we have a participation as such”, he affirmed.

Calle reported that prosecutor Jordán has already been removed from the case and indicated that Juana Cortez will be in her place. She added that she “cannot inform” if disciplinary actions will follow against the accused authority.

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