They accuse congresswoman María Córdova of making her office coordinator work in her boyfriend's company

They accuse congresswoman María Córdova of making her office coordinator work in her boyfriend’s company

A report by Panorama shows that the congresswoman () hired Shirley Martínez as coordinator of her parliamentary office and pays her with State money, but she would be making her work for the LOT International company, which belongs to her boyfriend.

The Sunday accessed the website of the aforementioned company and found a contact number. Upon dialing it he received the reply of Shirley Martinezwho introduced herself as the commercial adviser of LOT Internationalwhile she should be fulfilling the tasks for which she was hired by the State.

Nevertheless, Cordova Lobaton He denied that Martínez Paredes works for his partner’s company and said he did not know why when they contacted said business, the worker in his office said yes.

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He doesn’t work for my partner. (Journalist: But I have called and Shirley Martínez introduces herself as a commercial adviser for LOT International) Well, I don’t know why she would have answered that”, indicated the parliamentarian in dialogue with Panorama.

I don’t know about these things because I live here and I only go there for the week of performances, where she sets up my agenda”, he added.

When asked for the number of the company with which they were able to speak with its coordinator, the congresswoman from Avanza País said she was not sure if that was the business contact and then stated that she did not know what Shirley Martinez do during your working hours.

Research it. She will give you the reasons. I don’t have to tell you what she does (…) she is my personal, everything she can be, but I am not behind her to see what she does“, answered Maria Cordova Lobaton.


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