These are the vaccination points against covid-19 for this May 27 in Bogotá

These are the vaccination points against covid-19 for this May 27 in Bogotá

The Secretary of Health of Bogotá has authorized more than 30 large points of vaccination against covid-19 for people to start, complete and apply their booster dose.

The entity calls for people to attend the places with all protection measures such as the permanent use of face masks, constant hand washing, maintaining social distancing, among others, to continue with care and thus avoid contagion. .

office hours at the vaccination points provided by the District It is from 8 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon. Citizens must carry the identity document, and the vaccination card if it is for the application of a second or reinforcement dose.

It should be noted that the schedule at each vaccination point may vary depending on the availability of biologicals.

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What are the vaccination points for this May 27?

– El Eden Shopping Center

– Galerias Shopping Center (Until 4 in the afternoon)

– El Retiro Shopping Center

– Portal 80 Shopping Center

– Hayuelos Shopping Center

– Mall Plaza Shopping Center

– Titán Plaza Shopping Center (from 9 in the morning)

– El Ensueño Shopping Center (until 4 in the afternoon)

– Santafe Shopping Center

– Dorado Plaza Shopping Center

– Our Bogota Shopping Center

– SuperCADE Bosa

– Altavista Shopping Center

– Suba Hospital

– Niza Boulevard Shopping Center

– Major Center Shopping Center

– Imperial Plaza Shopping Center

– Paseo Villa del Rio Shopping Center

– Plaza de las Americas Shopping Center

– Cafam Floresta Shopping Center

– Hacienda Santa Barbara shopping center

– Gran Plaza Dream Bosa Shopping Center

– El Tunal Shopping Center

– South Terminal

– Compensate Cra. 68

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