10 social programs are out of their budget by 59,000 million pesos

10 social programs are out of their budget by 59,000 million pesos

Of these extra or advanced 59,000 million pesos, compared to what was approved, the Welfare Pension for Older Adults spent 38,000 million pesos more than scheduled.

Only pensions accounted for 48% of the overspending, “we believe that this has a political purpose, the revocation of the mandate has just happened, for which it was important to advance spending,” Campos said.

The budget for the Benito Juárez scholarship program for basic and upper secondary education was 12,877 million pesos higher; and for Youth Building the Future 579 million pesos more than what was budgeted for the first quarter of the year.

“If it is seen that the government, in a context of scarce resources and that it is seeing that it does not have the liquidity that it expected, it begins to make very important adjustments. What stands out there are their priorities, which are largely social programs,” said the board.

On the other hand, there are programs with 100% cuts, such as Insabi Health Care, with a scheduled expenditure of 1,846 million pesos; State Health Services, with 1,325 million pesos; Implementation of the Labor Justice System, with 351 million pesos, and Women’s Instances (PAIMEF, Welfare), with a budget of 151 million pesos.

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