These are the most important news of the Fourth of July 2023

The dictator Daniel Ortega ordered his deputies in the National Assembly to reform article 97 of the Political Constitution of Nicaragua to finish subjecting the National Police to its totalitarian excesses and bury once and for all the institutionality that, at least on paper, remained that institution accused of being the cause of murders, disappearances and torture against the people of Nicaragua.

According to an initiative sent to the National Assembly by the collaborationist deputy Mario José Asensio Flores, tomorrow, Wednesday, July 5, at nine in the morning, the plenary of the National Assembly is convened for an ordinary session in which will debate the reform to article 97 of the Magna Carta and the reform to “Law 872, of Organization, functions, career and special regime of social security of the National Police (872)”.

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With these reforms, the disappearance, already in the form of a Law, of the National Police is consummated, to officially establish the Ortega Police, since it eliminates from the legislation the principle of a “professional, apolitical, non-partisan, obedient and non-deliberative institution”. although only the text of that remained in the Law.

Article 97 of the Political Constitution, in force, establishes that the “National Police is professional, apolitical, non-partisan, obedient and non-deliberative…” and will be governed “in strict adherence to the Political Constitution, to which it will respect and obey”.

Cuadra, director and researcher at the Center for Transdisciplinary Studies of Central America (CETCAM), points out that the police state is being “institutionalized.” And this phenomenon has two aspects. The first is “a change in the legal framework of the country, in order to legalize a series of measures, security policies, of a repressive nature and surveillance of the entire Nicaraguan society.”

The second aspect, indicates the specialist, has to do with a modification or reconfiguration of state institutions so that they respond to that legal framework that legalizes repression.

The Daniel Ortega regime, through the Ministry of the Interior (Migob), formalized the cancellation of the legal personality of the Fraternity Poor of Jesus Christ Foundation. This repressive action of the dictatorship takes place two days after the National Police broke into the property of the religious congregation.

Through ministerial agreement 91-2023-OSFL, published in The GazetteGovernorate canceled and confiscated the assets of the Foundationarguing that the religious entity “failed to comply with its obligations” under Nicaraguan law, for not “reporting” its latest financial statements and having the board of directors “defeated” since February 25, 2021.

These are the most important news of the Fourth of July 2023
These are the most important news of the Fourth of July 2023

The state institution also reported that the movable and immovable property will correspond to the Attorney General of the Republic (PGR) to carry out the transfer of these to the name of the State of Nicaragua.

The nuns, who ran the Fraternidad Pobres de Jesucristo Foundation, they were expelled from Nicaragua bound for El Salvador. The nuns lived in León and their mission was to provide food, clothing and prayers to the people who live on the streets of this department.

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The Memphis Police Department, Tennessee, requests information on the whereabouts of those responsible for the murder of Nicaraguan Luis Antonio González Dávila, originally from Río San Juan. The citizen died after being the victim of an assault inside the apartment where he lived. The Police released a video where the four involved in the crime are observed wearing ski masks.

In the act, two other men were also injured, including the cousin of the deceased; identified as Jose Gonzalez. Those affected were taken to a local hospital.

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