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From social networks, activists and opponents of the Ortega-Murillo regime have been in charge of exhibiting followers of the dictatorship who are now taking refuge in the United States, a country that, following the discourse of the ruling party, they have branded as interfering, exploitative and an enemy of the world. .

The initiative aims to expose the followers of the Nicaraguan dictatorship, who since 2018 have been in charge of disseminating the alleged speech of “aggression” directed and financed by Washington and today are where their Yankee “aggressor”, describes the lawyer Yader Morazán.

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Morazán, a specialist in the administration of justice and former worker of the Judiciary, is one of those leading the campaign. In his Twitter profile, he has identified at least ten of those Ortega supporters who now enjoy the privilege of being in the United States. Some, he explains, have arrived taking advantage of the humanitarian parole and others inventing being politically persecuted, when in reality they were sycophants of the dictatorial couple.

On his list he places Franklin Rodríguez, son of magistrate Frank Rodriguez, from Matagalpa. He also mentions Yasser Rivera, who he claims served as a paramilitary and is a former worker at the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. Likewise, he identifies Krisstyam Pérez, another parapolice, as well as journalists from the regime or former state workers.

Morazán calls on opponents to “inform” the US Department of Homeland Security of the presence in the US nation of collaborators of the dictatorship.

The administration of Pedro Sánchez released the second list of Nicaraguans who were granted Spanish nationality, after the Daniel Ortega regime left them stateless in February of this year.

The 14 Nicaraguan opponents nationalized Spanish.
The 14 Nicaraguan opponents nationalized Spanish.

The Official State Gazette (BOE) includes the agreements reached at the meeting of the Council of Ministers held yesterday, Wednesday, the 23rd, and in which they decide to make public the names of another 14 Nicas welcomed by the Kingdom of Spain.

In accordance with Royal Decree 383/2023, the 14 Nicaraguans who receive Spanish nationality by naturalization letter are: Desirée Elizondo, agronomist and wife of journalist Carlos Fernando Chamorro; the ex-guerrilla, historian and exiled political prisoner Dora María Téllez Argüello, the opposition members of Unamos Dulce María Porras and Héctor Mairena, the ex-deputies Edipcia Dubón and Eliseo Núñez Morales.

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There is also the researcher Elvira Cuadra, the economist and businessman Gerardo Baltodano, as well as the human rights defenders Gonzalo Carrión and Haydée Castillo.

Likewise, former politicians Harry Chávez, Hugo Rodríguez and Irvin Larios appear. It is completed by the analyst and ex-guerrilla Moisés Hassan.

Former politician and presidential candidate Félix Maradiaga denounced the recent attack by propagandist William Grigsby against him and other former political prisoners exiled in the United States.

According to Maradiaga, Grigsby, in his space paid for by the “Without Borders” regime, accused him of mismanagement at the defunct Institute for Strategic Studies and Public Policies (IEEP); while Juan Sebastián Chamorro said that he received federal funds; He also accused his wife, Victoria Cárdenas, of paying more than 30,000 dollars to obtain his freedom.

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