These are the most important news of May 20, 2022

These are the most important news of May 20, 2022

The leader of the opposition of Masaya and released political prisoner Yubrank Suazo Herreraarrested again two days ago, was accused of the alleged crime of conspiracy to undermine national integrity.

The prosecution’s accusation was admitted by Judge Nalia Nadezhda Úbeda Obando, who has participated in several trials against political prisoners.

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The 31-year-old was violently removed from his home after denouncing police harassment against the priest Harving Padilla from the San Juan Bautista church in his municipality.

The regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo opened criminal proceedings against the Sandinista militant Marlon Gerardo Sáenz Cruz, known as «The Chinese Enoch», arrested on Wednesday, May 18, after receiving police harassment at his home in Estelí.

The “historical” Sandinista has publicly criticized Murillo, whom he has even asked to resign for his mismanagement in the Vice Presidency; his courage to denounce the “second in command” has made him a topic of debate on social networks.

Now the State links him to the subject Franklin Salgado Amador, from Estelí, who has been accused of crimes related to drug trafficking on several occasions and has been released by the Ortega regime.

Lawyers assure that “the confessed paramilitary” will be prosecuted for drug trafficking and, according to sources, he was transferred to “El Nuevo Chipote” in Managua, the prison for political prisoners.

Relatives of the opponent Nidia Barbosa Castillo66, confirmed that the political prisoner was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Japan-Nicaragua Friendship Hospital in Granada, for reasons that have been hidden from her relatives.

The director of the Granada Penitentiary System, Ermel Fernández, notified the relatives that the lawyer has been in the hospital since Thursday, May 19, however, the authorities have denied them a visit, those affected reported to the newspaper La Prensa. The elderly opponent suffers from sinus bradycardia and rheumatoid arthritis.

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Daniel Ortega Reyes, president of the Central American Parliament (parlace) and official of the dictatorship, requested the Central American Court of Justice (CCAJ) to rule so that the member countries of the Central American Integration System (SICA) grant Nicaragua the General Secretariat of the mechanism; decision that has not been taken due to the rejection of the nations to the repression of the Ortega-Murillo.

Ortega Reyes explained to another Nicaraguan, Carlos Guerra, president of the Central American Court, that, from 2021, the SICA should appoint a secretary general of Nicaragua, but the system has postponed the election. Ortega Reyes also announced that they will take the claim to the summit of presidents.

The illegitimate president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, decided to transfer his official Orlando José Gómez Zamora to China. The defender of the dictatorship was appointed ambassador to the Asian country, where the presidential family has guided its diplomatic and commercial relations.

Orlando Gomez He has been sent to several countries in recent years, and held the position of ambassador to Venezuela before being sent to China. In Venezuela he was only two months. He has also visited Russia as an ambassador, where he stayed for a month.

Monsignor Rolando Álvarez, Bishop of the Diocese of Matagalpa and Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Estelí, was forced to take shelter in the Santo Cristo de Las Colinas parish in Managua when he was persecuted by police officers on Thursday, May 19.

At night, the critical religious leader of the dictatorship denounced that the Police arbitrarily entered his family circle and, given the situation, decided to start an indefinite fast based on water and serum until the authorities respect his rights. .

After the bishop’s complaint, Rosario Murillo, the regime’s spokeswoman, said through government media that opponents and religious leaders live in a world of “fantasies and lies, that’s why no one believes them anymore.”

In the afternoon, Claro Nicaragua announced that by order of the Institute of Telecommunications and Post Office (Telcor) they would have to suspend the Catholic Channel from the cable company with the most subscribers in the country, which is directed by Monsignor Álvarez, one more attack against the Church Catholic, which Ortega assumes as its enemy for denouncing the violations of the human rights of Nicaraguans.

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