These are the most important news of May 11, 2022

These are the most important news of May 11, 2022

The expropriation of the headquarters of the Organization of American States (OAS) in Managua by the Daniel Ortega regime will return to the agenda of the organization’s Permanent Council.

Former Nicaraguan Ambassador Arturo McFields reported that Canada requested to include the issue in a special session to be held on Friday, May 13. The proposal was supported by the United States, Brazil, Grenada, and Antigua and Barbudas.

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The opposition Blue and White National Unity (A B) demanded this Wednesday that the Organization of American States (OAS) act “firmly” against the regime of Daniel Ortega, after the expropriation of the organization’s headquarters in Managua on April 24.

The opposition organization explained that it sent a letter to the presidency pro tempore of the OAS “urging the Permanent Council to defend and enforce the principle of inviolability, privileges, and immunities of its national offices, as a response to the outrage,” for which they advocated calling a consultation meeting of foreign ministers , under Article 61 of the OAS Charter so that it sets a precedent in the region.

Race and Equality supported the proposal of three MEPs who ask the European Union to sanction 14 Nicaraguan judges for being “directly responsible for the repression” in the Central American country.

The human rights organization pointed out that “judges are responsible for serious violations of judicial guarantees and human rights against people arbitrarily detained and sentenced” for political reasons.

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For her part, the Member of the European Parliament, Soraya Rodriguezwarned this Wednesday that the situation of the Nicaraguan political prisoners is a “humanitarian emergency” and reiterated its demand to the European Union to apply penalties to the operators of the judicial system for being “part of the repressive arm of the Daniel Ortega dictatorship.

The Nicaraguan Human Rights Collective Never Again rejected the sentence against the politically imprisoned businessmen Michael Healey Y Alvaro Vargassentenced to 13 and 9 years in prison, for the alleged crimes of undermining national integrity and conspiracy to undermine, respectively.

The entity described the process as “arbitrary and unconstitutional” for being plagued by irregularities and violations of the human rights of union leaders.

This Wednesday, the Blue and White National Unity (UNAB) also demanded the unconditional release of the sociologist and economist Irving Larios, 63 years old. If he is not released, the organization requests that the political prisoner be sent “home to prison” due to his delicate state of health.

Daniel Ortega’s ambassador to the United States, Francis Campbellhas resigned from the diplomatic post on at least three occasions, but the Nicaraguan dictatorial couple does not accept the retirement of their emissary who has already been in the post for 12 years, revealed the former Nicaraguan ambassador to the Organization of American States (OAS). Arthur McFields in a opinion article published in the digital newspaper Infobae.

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The former diplomat attributes this refusal by Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo to the fact that the relationship with the United States is “essential” for this and all the governments that have passed through Nicaragua, regardless of their ideologies, and, therefore, the regime does not want to run the risk of being left without an ambassador and that the relationship with the North American country is degraded to a simple charge d’affaires.

The also journalist indicated that Ortega’s allies, Russia and China, “contribute shillings” in comparison to the commercial benefit with the United States, and “although they do not admit it” publicly, both Daniel and Rosario admit it “behind closed doors.”

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