Putin says the West suffers more than Russia from sanctions and its 'Russophobia'

Putin says the West suffers more than Russia from sanctions and its ‘Russophobia’

the russian president Vladimir Putin claimed on Thursday that the West is suffering more than Russia from the sanctions imposed on Moscow over the offensive in Ukraineand said that the Russian economy is resistant to “external challenges”.

Those who imposed sanctions, “guided by their inflated and blind ambitions and Russophobia, are dealing a much heavier blow to their own national interests, their own economies and the prosperity of their own citizens,” Putin said.

“We see this above all when looking at the sharp rise in inflation in Europe, approaching 20% ​​in some countries,” he said.

According to Putin, “it is clear that (…) the continuation of the obsession with sanctions will inevitably lead to the most difficult consequences for the European Union, for its citizens.”

“For your part, Russia faces external challenges with confidence thanks to its responsible macroeconomic policy of recent years, as well as the systemic decisions aimed at strengthening its economic sovereignty and its technological and food security,” the Russian president assured.

He also welcomed the “gradual” slowdown in inflation after it shot up to 16.7% in March, as well as the strengthening of the Russian currency.

Western countries imposed unprecedented economic sanctions on Russia after the start of its offensive in Ukraine on February 24.

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