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Rodrigo Chaves affirmed that migrants have cost Costa Rica up to 300 million dollars, but for migrants, especially for the wave of Nicaraguans who are in that country, these data are not real. What’s more, the stories that some citizens shared for this podcast present a totally different panorama from the one that the Costa Rican president tries to sell, characterized by his aggressive tone against those who take refuge in his country. Some even call him xenophobic.

The president maintained that Costa Rica has a population of 5.2 million inhabitants. Of this universe, one million are migrants, 20% of the total. The largest proportion of those citizens who have settled in that nation correspond to nicas, nicas who do not see or perceive the generosity that Chaves mentions. On the contrary, they have been mistreated and have never seen free health care.

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During an interview with CNN journalist Andrés Oppenheimer, the Costa Rican president insisted that if they were not “generous” on the issue of welcoming migrants, whether economic or political refugees, they would all end up in other countries. such as the US and Canada, for which reason they considered that they should contribute more to Costa Rica to support this population.

The dictators Ortega and Murillo launched their international propaganda machine to try to legitimize their attacks against the Catholic Church and in that mission, the political lobbyist in Europe and paid propagandist for the regime, the Italian Fabrizio Casari, attacked the Catholic clergy. Nicaraguan calling him money launderers and coup plotters, and also threatening them.

Casari, whom the dictatorship has presented as a “journalist, political analyst, researcher and editor of a newspaper in his country”, avoiding saying the name of said newspaper, published in the official propaganda medium El 19 Digital, an opinion article titled “Money under the cassock,” in which he makes serious accusations, without evidence, against the Nicaraguan clergy, which should be considered, according to the laws of the dictatorship, “interference in matters that only concern Nicaragua.”

The international propagandist for the dictatorship who, according to a search carried out on the Internet, is the editor of an Italian digital magazine called “Altrenotizie”, which only has 2,800 followers on Facebook, ventures to affirm that “the investigation by the Prosecutor’s Office puts discovered heavy and disturbing truths, which bring to light a traffic of money and goods attributable to illegal activities”, referring to the accusation of money laundering that the Ortega Police accuses the Catholic Church.

The administration of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo made official the resignation of Alfredo Coronel Pichardo as executive director of the Corporation of Free Zones, a position he had held since November 2022.

The resignation took place on June 1, but it was not made official until Monday, according to the Official State Gazette.

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Last week, a source close to the textile industry explained to the newspaper La Prensa that Alfredo Coronel Pichardo resigned from his position due to the pressure he received for following up on the complaints that companies in the sector had made regarding million-dollar fines from the General Directorate of Customs Services (Customs).

Between 2018 and 2023, at least 39 religious have been forced to flee Nicaragua and go into exile, due to the harassment and threats exerted by the Ortega Murillo government against them, revealed the researcher Martha Patricia Molina.

The criminal lawyer also noted that the Sandinista administration has previously expelled 32 nuns from the country in the same period.

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