These are the most important news of December 6, 2022

These are the most important news of June 12, 2023

56% of Nicaraguans consider that Daniel Ortega is leading the country in a bad direction, according to the most recent study by the Costa Rican polling firm Cid Gallup, which also reveals that sympathy for the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) party it has fallen into the abyss, since only 16 percent of the population say they accept it as a political option.

The Cid Gallup poll, published this weekend by the digital magazine Confidencial, reveals that Ortega’s presidential administration continues to be disapproved for the third consecutive year. In addition, it brings to light a truth that should make the Ortega-Murillo dictatorship extremely uncomfortable: the percentage of FSLN sympathizers is decreasing.

At the end of 2022, 58% of the Nicaraguan population disapproved of the management of the dictator Ortega, and in January of this year it was 57% who had a negative opinion of the Ortega administration. The approval rating that in January of this year placed the dictator at 38% currently leaves it at 34% percent.

These are the most important news of June 12, 2023

The pollster’s conclusion indicates that 46 out of every hundred Nicaraguans do not believe it is “probable” that Ortega will resolve the concern that his family has; 17% responded that it is “unlikely”; 16% very likely; another 15% believe that “something”. The data reveals that 63% believe that the dictator Ortega can do “little or nothing” to solve his problems, while 16% believe that the Sandinista tyrant can help him.

The Inter-American Press Association (SIP) added its voice to that of other Nicaraguan journalists, trade union organizations and human rights defenders to demand that the dictatorship of Daniel Ortega release the communicator and correspondent for Channel 10 in Nandaime, Víctor Ticay, unjustly imprisoned for more than two months.

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Through a press release published on its official website, the IAPA reiterates the claim that the Nicaraguan communicator is in jail and was convicted of the alleged crimes of “dissemination of false news and undermining national integrity,” after a judicial process “arbitrary and without judicial guarantees, which took place in the early hours of the morning and without the right to defense.”

On Thursday, June 13, 2013, a rainy day, Managua woke up agitated and besieged by police. Civil society organizations had called for a protest march in front of the National Assembly building to reject the discussion and approval of the “Special Law for the Development of Nicaraguan Infrastructures and Transportation Related to the Canal, Free Trade Zones and Associated Infrastructures” .

The channel layout is 278 kilometers long, 520 meters wide and up to 30 meters deep. The highway would cross 105 kilometers of Lake Cocibolca and should be ready, according to what was announced in 2013 and ratified in 2014, by the end of 2019, at a cost of more than 50,000 million dollars, more than four times the gross domestic product (GDP) of this country of 6.5 million inhabitants, of which 40 percent live in poverty.

HKND received the management concession for 50 years, plus another 50 years, extendable if desired, in exchange for a payment of ten million dollars each year for the first decade, and the right to one percent of the equity of the “subprojects”. » which would rise to 99% at the end of the concession.

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