Minister Pino: “If there was a rise in homicides at the beginning of this month of June”

Angel Valdes | June 13, 2023

The Minister of Public Security, Juan Manuel Pino, acknowledged that there was an increase in homicides at the beginning of this month of June, which he attributes to a break between criminal gangs both in San Miguelito and in the eastern sector of the capital.

One of the main problems is school dropout, where these young people are recruited by criminal gangs, Minister Pino said, “school dropout has increased and it is seen in San Miguelito that it has increased because I have the figures and school dropout means that that person who does not He goes to school without a job and is going to be recruited by organized crime.”

Minister Pino stressed that the big problem is drug trafficking “last week more than 2.5 tons of drugs were seized in the ports, seas, coasts and in the middle of the capital city, so you have to pay attention because the issue here is about drugs” .

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