These are the most important news of January 6, 2023

These are the most important news of January 6, 2023

The government spokesperson, Rosario Murillo, pointed out that the National Police has a plan to order the service of motorcycle taxisknown in Nicaragua as “caponeras”, and which consist of motorcycles transformed to operate as taxis.

The National Police and the Transport Regulatory Institute of the Municipality of Managua (Irtramma) presented this circulation plan that, according to the ruling party, seeks to improve road safety to protect the life and physical integrity of drivers and passengers of original and adapted caponeras, as well as of the other users of the public highway, in the national territory.

“The plan contemplates creating work teams made up of the National Police, IRTRAMMA and municipal mayors, acting as facilitators in close coordination with political secretaries and representative organizations of the owners and drivers of original caponeras adapted in the country”, highlighted the general inspector of Police, General Commissioner Jaime Vanegas.

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Following the government’s announcement of USA After closing the southern border for migrants from Nicaragua, Cuba and Haiti who arrive in that country irregularly, the possibility of initiating a Temporary Permit to Stay (“Humanitarian Parole”) was opened for the citizens of these three countries, as well as which has already begun to be applied with Venezuelans.

People who participate in these processes to enter the North American country must have a supporter in the United States who agrees to provide them with financial assistance during the duration of their probation in the United States.

A group of migrants prepares to cross the Rio Grande, in the city of Matamoros, Tamaulipas state (Mexico). Photo: EFE/Abraham Pineda Jacome.

The Articulation of Social Movements (AMS) denounced that the political prisoner Edder Munoz Rye, 35 years old, was savagely beaten by officers of the Granada Penitentiary System last Wednesday, January 4.

The situation occurred during a search of his cell. There, the guards threw his medicines and food on the ground, for which the political prisoner, originally from Masaya, claimed them. Muñoz was handcuffed behind his back and hung by the wrists, leaving him suspended for more than 30 minutes while he was beaten.

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The organization denounced the brutal beating and demanded respect for their human rights and immediate release.

Young man from Chinandega is the first victim of femicide in 2023.
Young man from Chinandega is the first victim of femicide in 2023

The crime against Esther Damaris Martinez Alaniz28 years old, originally from the Cuitanca Sur region, in the municipality of Chichigalpa, in Chinandega, would be the first femicide of the year.

The woman was found lifeless, with signs of strangulation, apparently with a rope, on the morning of Thursday, January 5.

Hours later, the news circulated indicating the capture of one of the alleged implicates, who is known by the alias “El mono”, who would have acted together with the citizen identified as Claudio Martinezsupposed relative of the young woman who harassed her for a long time.

These are the most important news of January 6, 2023
Everth Cabrera

Former Nicaraguan big leaguer Everth Cabrera was taken from the Managua Psychosocial Hospital by one of his cousins ​​on Thursday, January 5, without the authorization of the former athlete’s mother, also denounced the former Major League Baseball Vincent Padillawho accompanied the case of the baseball player from Nandaime, department of Granada.

“Her mother will take action on the matter and indicated that she does not agree with what her niece did and mentions that she will hold her responsible for what happens to former big leaguer Everth Cabrera. We were willing to support, but it is now in the hands of the family. Fatal decision to have taken him out for the stability of the former Major League player », she added.

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Nicaragua grew little at the end of 2022 with 2.6% in the third quarter of 2022.

Although it is lower than the growth shown in the same quarter of 2021, the Central Bank stated that “the country’s economy continued to show a positive performance.”

The Government projects growth of between 3.5% and 4.5% of GDP in 2022, which would be the second consecutive year of growth after three years of closing with a red balance, with inflation above 10%.

In 2023, the regime foresees a growth of 3% to 4% of its economy, with inflation of 5% to 6%.

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