These are the most important news of August 17, 2022

These are the most important news of August 17, 2022

This Wednesday marked 14 days of “kidnapping” a Monsignor Rolando Alvarez. Sources confirmed that the regime allowed the release of two laymen who had been held in the episcopal curia of Matagalpa with the bishop since August 4.

Cameraman Flavio Castro and showgirl Henry Corvera walked out on August 16 under undisclosed conditions.

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During the Holy Rosary carried out on Tuesday night from inside the curia, the presence of seven detainees was observed, including priests and seminarians. The religious leader was also not seen in the transmission of the Holy Eucharist at noon this Wednesday, but he appeared around eight o’clock at night in the second prayer of the day of the rosary.

Four days after the father Oscar Benavidez, pastor of the Holy Spirit Church, in Mulukukú, in the north of the country, was kidnapped by the Police, this Wednesday it was learned that the Public Ministry requested a term of 90 days in prison to extend the “investigative” process against the religious.

The middle Confidential reported that the request was made on Monday the 15th by Sandinista prosecutor Manuel Rugama, one of the main executioners of political prisoners in Nicaragua. The judicial file to which the media had access indicates that the judge in charge of the process against Benavidez is Judge Gloria María Saavedra Corrales, of the Tenth Criminal Court of Hearing of Managua.

The document exposes Nicaraguan society and the State of Nicaragua as the main “victim”, however it does not specify what Benavidez is accused of.

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26 former heads of state and government of Spain and Latin America asked Pope Francis for a “firm stance in defense of the Nicaraguan people and their religious freedom” against the repression of the Daniel Ortega regime. The former presidents, who are members of the Democratic Initiative of Spain and the Americas (IDEAS), denounced that Nicaragua is under the “primitive Ortega-Murillo dictatorship” that is now advancing towards the persecution of Catholic and religious leaders.

The former presidents expressed their “aggravated concern” about the events and denounced that the purpose of the regime is “to destroy the cultural and spiritual roots of the people to make them easy prey for domination.”

The Colombian ambassador to the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Ernesto Vargasclarified that his absence in the recent session of the body was due to the fact that he had not yet taken office.

The diplomat of the Gustavo Petro administration was pressured to give an explanation due to the criticism that arose for not condemning the outrages of the Nicaraguan dictatorship before the body, less than a week ago. On that occasion, 27 member states of the OAS Permanent Council criticized the human rights violations committed by the Daniel Ortega regime, however, Colombia was absent.

Vargas reacted through a post on Twitter in which he declared that they have been “blamed as officials without even being so. They have not been appointed, much less have they presented the documents for the possession» of the position.

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The Nicaraguan regime will be present at the meeting of national coordinators of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), despite the fact that, days before, the illegitimate president Daniel Ortega affirmed that “it is a shame” to belong to the organization with the Argentine president, Alberto Fernández, at its head.

The government spokeswoman, Rosario Murillo, confirmed that her ambassador Carlos Midence will be representing the regime in Argentina this coming Thursday, August 18. In a contradictory speech, Murillo said that “they are happy” to attend the CELAC meeting, which she described as “important.”

The Federation of Livestock Associations of Nicaragua (Faganic) denounced that the meat industry is “determined” to continue lowering cattle prices, while in the markets the cost of meat has not fallen or rises slightly and the export price remains the same.

The association pointed out that slaughterhouses use their dominance of the market to impose “predatory practices” which they described as “outrageous and abusive”. Faganic assured that in the face of the situation, the farmers have come together as a guild and have tried not to “deliver an animal in advance”, so the slaughterhouses are not having supplies.

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