These are the most important news of April 26, 2022

These are the most important news of April 26, 2022

The illegitimate vice president, Rosario Murillo, announced that the building where the Organization of American States (OAS) worked in Managua will be declared a “public utility.” Investigations indicate that the two-story building, located in Las Sierritas, is private property and the owners of the property rented only the ground floor to the agency, however, the regime decided to appropriate the place.

The Secretary General of the OAS, Louis Almagrostated that the unilateral closure of the agency’s office in Managua and subsequent occupation “had never happened even in the times of the worst dictatorships in the region, including those that Nicaragua had experienced.”

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In a letter sent to the Presidency of the Permanent Council, Almagro assured that the Police seized the archives, as well as all the existing material, while the officials of the General Secretariat could run serious risks.

He argued that the act is “absolutely despicable in legal, political and ethical terms” and constitutes an action “violent and in violation of international regulations, (therefore), they condemn and repudiate it.”

Juan Carlos Ortega Murilloson of the dictatorial couple who went from musician to producer to owner of Channel 8 and other businesses, now proposed to “formally” discuss the production, marketing, possession and consumption of cannabis sativa or marijuana, legally in Nicaragua.

Ortega Murillo asked on his Twitter account if it would be worth discussing the issue with specialists based in American countries where “the decriminalization of cannabis is already a reality.”

The son of Daniel and Rosario debated with his followers whether sativa marijuana could be managed under a “family economy model that favors micro and small production in the countryside and the city.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs appointed Yeseila de los Angeles Baca Cuadra in the position of commercial attaché with the rank of counselor of the Embassy of Nicaragua in Switzerland. The official will also represent the dictatorship before the United Nations and other international organizations based in Geneva.

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In turn, Migration published that the Cuban Pedro Nieves Valdes Mendez, trainer of Nicaraguan boxers, was nationalized. The institution pointed out that Valdés has had uninterrupted residence since 2019 and has a blood relationship with a Nicaraguan citizen.

The Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights (Cenidh) denounced that Ortega Police officers transferred the former diplomat Edward Parrales, 79 years old, from his home, where he is under house arrest, to the Evaristo Vásquez Police Complex, better known as “El Nuevo Chipote.” This same day he was found guilty. Parrales at the end of his “political trial” accused Ortega of being responsible for the tragedy that Nicaragua is experiencing.

In turn, the former ambassador and political prisoner Mauricio Diaz, 71, served 260 days in detention today. In all this time that he has been in captivity, only one photograph of the prisoner of conscience has been seen, in which he appears underweight and under guard.

Daniel Edmundo Ortega Murillo, son of the dictatorial couple and director of the official Channel 4, expressed his solidarity with the Russian government media suspended due to the sanctions for the invasion of Vladimir Putin in Ukraine.

During a virtual forum promoted by the media in that country, Ortega Murillo said that the Sputnik and Russia Today (RT) agencies suffer “censorship and aggression” from the West. He also took the opportunity to justify the repression against press freedom in Nicaragua, accusing independent journalism of money laundering.

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