#GuestColumn |  Disappearances, forgotten crime

#GuestColumn | Disappearances, forgotten crime

Despite this, the federal government:

⁃ Weakened the capacity of the Executive Commission for Attention to Victims.
⁃ Ignored the testimonies collected during the Listening Forums with victims for the elaboration of public policies.
⁃ Systematically dismisses and attacks civil society and victim groups;
⁃ Extinguished a large number of victim support trusts.
⁃ Eliminated the only civilian police at the federal level for opting for a total militarization of security.

In this regard, the United Nations Organization expressed its concern about the absolute militarization of public and citizen security and pointed out that this is responsible for the increase in disappearances, particularly those committed by the same authority.

In this sense, in “Analysis of the Criminal Incidence 2021” in the ONC we exhibit the record growth of torture and forced disappearances committed by federal forces.

The abandonment of the policies and actions that should stop disappearances in Mexico includes the weakening of the institutions that prevented gender-based violence, the absence of social policies that protect women, and the recognition that they are increasingly violent and disappear every day. plus.

The disdain that the president has shown towards women who demonstrate against the violence they experience daily – whom he calls conservative – encourages the reproduction of violence against them and inhibits all efforts to curb family violence, rape and femicides, which often end with the disappearance of women.

There are 99,000 missing persons, a figure that increases day by day.

Without a fight against organized crime, with increasingly weak institutions, in a context of militarized security and without addressing the social problems that facilitate disappearance, it is natural that this crime is one of the most obvious failures of the López government Workshop.


Publisher’s note: Francisco Rivas is Director of the National Citizen Observatory. Follow him on Twitter as @frarivasCoL The opinions published in this column belong exclusively to the author.

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