These are the most important news of April 22, 2022

These are the most important news of April 22, 2022

On Friday, April 22, photographs of political prisoners María Fernanda Flores de Alemán, Jaime Arellano, Mauricio Díaz, Edgard Parrales and Cristiana Chamorro, all under house arrest, were leaked. Most of the hostages appear dressed in gowns or light clothing, posing next to officers from the Directorate of Special Operations (DOEP) who, according to sources on condition of anonymity, remain in custody 24 hours a day and must be photographed with opponents every time. They do a shift change.

The organization Sé Humano stated that, although “the State of Nicaragua publishes photographs of political prisoners who are house by jail, it does not guarantee that they are providing them with the medical care or humane treatment they deserve.”

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The regime made changes in the Ministry of Youth (Minjuve) where it has located members of the Sandinista Youth party organization, made up of reliable figures of Rosario Murillo. Through presidential agreements, the regime removed Bosch Castle as minister of that entity and “rewarded” him with the unprecedented position of Advisory Minister to the President of the Republic for Productive Technologies and Innovations. Castillo, who was coordinator of the YS, directed the ministry for the last five years. As of this Friday, the new Minister of Youth is Lucien Nahima Guevara Aguerowhose professional career is unknown.

These are the most important news of April 22, 2022

The regime also changed the Vice Ministers of Youth after Marley Judith Silva resigned from his post for unknown reasons after holding the position for two years. The regime appointed in his place Oscar Pereza member of the Sandinista Youth close to the children of the presidential couple, who had already been stimulated with a position as an entertainment presenter in a government media.

In turn, the regime dismissed the honorary consul general of Nicaragua in Oslo, Norway, Marla Castrillo Salvador; and the Nicaraguan consul in Miami, Luis Alberto Martinez Noguera. Ortega appointed Marvin Rene Ortega Rodriguez as the new consul in that American city.

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The risk of forest fires occurring in the forests of Nicaragua doubled in the first four months of 2022 compared to the same period in 2021, according to a report presented this Friday by the Fundación del Río, within the framework of International Earth Day. . The president of the organization, Amaru Ruiz, denounced that it is most likely agricultural burning caused by “settlers” or land invaders, which later became forest fires; and he attributed the shortcomings to “lack of political will,” lack of investment, and the geographical difficulties of protected areas.

These are the most important news of April 22, 2022
These are the most important news of April 22, 2022

The Central American University (UCA) made its departure from the National Council of Universities (CNU) official this Friday, but stressed that it remains “firm in its commitment” to quality higher education. After the departure of this body and seeing the resources that they received from the General Budget of the Republic, the UCA has remained silent and has not explained to the student community what the effects will be; for example, whether they will further reduce the percentage of scholarships or eliminate them entirely.

Members of the Nicaraguan Association of Cinematography (ANCI) lamented the closure of the organization by the regime. Through a statement they indicated that for 34 years they supported projects, the training of new professionals, as well as new publics and audiences. They stressed that the cinema in Nicaragua “has been worth the effort for cultural development and its own identity,” and they said goodbye recalling that “a country without an image does not exist.”

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