Murillo recalls the civic rebellion of 2018 and calls opponents a "servile spirit"

These are the most important news of April 18, 2024

The vice-dictator and spokesperson of the Ortega regime, Rosario Murillo, did not waste the opportunity to attack the Nicaraguan opposition with her hate speeches and elaborate insults, during the sixth anniversary of the socio-political outbreak of April 2018. After calling them “sellers of homelands, traitors and puchitos,” the first lady publicly admitted that she had learned “to sleep with eyes open” for “protect” of critics of his government.

During the closing of his evening speech on April 18, 2024, broadcast nationally in the official media, Murillo questioned “how many (Nicaraguans) benefited from death and how many were tortured and murdered.”

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The sanctioned vice president stated that “we will never, ever forget that and, of course, with both eyes open even to sleep, (one has to) learn to sleep with your eyes open, to protect our heroic heritage and our peace.

With an angrier tone than he usually uses in his public interventions, Murillo stated that the opponents were “darkness, evil, the fire of hell, storms of hatred, sowers of perfidy, death, pain and tares,” and he repeated that the hundreds of thousands who challenged her in the streets with a blue and white flag in their hands, were operating under the orders of “the American embassy, ​​sectors of the Catholic Church, cowardly businessmen and the Black Heralds.”

«Six years ago they began the siege with bells that did not ring of a party, but of death, murder, torture, barbarity and pain. Then they cried outor vampires for blood, with the viciousness of those who hide poison behind the manipulation of biblical messages and the stupidity of their own cowardice. “They intended to bribe and crush out of fear and erase the bravery and gallantry of the Nicaraguan people,” said Murillo, obviously furious.

The workers at Rosario Murillo’s home office, located in El Carmen, Managua, have suffered for months due to the “ups and downs” of the vice-dictator’s temperament. Sandinista officials assume that these “unstable” attitudes are caused by the government spokesperson’s medicated state.

A source close to a state work group, led by siblings Edmundo, Camila and Luciana Ortega Murillo, commented that officials have “gray days” when “their companion is upset,” handing out “strong scoldings” that not even their own children run away.

Murillo has direct access to the information of those who work on his television channels, through his son and “right hand”, Edmundo Daniel, who in 2022 debuted as Media Coordinator of Poder Ciudadano. On other occasions, the vice-dictator directly addresses his subordinates or his other children.

The facilities of his family’s television stations “are physically connected to his office” in El Carmen. The source confirmed that the “unexpected anger” with which Murillo spoke on April 1 was under the climate of what they call “gray days.”

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On March 15, “the alarms went off” in the office run by the spokesperson for the Ortega regime and, thanks to that situation, the collaborators now have an explanation about the “days of hell” they have lived in the service of Murillo. .

That day, “the companion” almost collapsed. In the middle of her afternoon speech, Murillo distorted her words and suffered a “fainting” that surprised those who collaborate with her during the live broadcasts. In the incident, a woman’s voice is heard “asking for help.”

Those who know Murillo affirm that he is the one who directs the government on a day-to-day basis and that he “leaves the major decisions” to Ortega. She is a woman who likes to “be in everything,” and she is the one who even authorizes “the brooms that are bought for the State.”

The auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Managua, Monsignor Silvio José Báez Ortega, recalled the call he made to Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo to stop the repression on April 18, 2018 and referred to the sociopolitical crisis in Nicaragua on the sixth anniversary of social protests.

«I call on Daniel Ortega and his wife to stop the violence and repression. Don’t endanger the peace of the country! Know how to listen, dialogue, have the maturity to rectify so many errors for the good of Nicaragua. “Be sensible!” reads the tweet that the bishop published at 7:47 p.m. on April 18, 2018, when dozens of young people and elderly people were beaten by the Sandinista Youth and a group of hooded men on Camino de Oriente, in Managua. The leader reshared that message this day on his social networks.

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