A soccer player dies strangled by her husband: "Call 911, the boys are alone"

A soccer player dies strangled by her husband: "Call 911, the boys are alone"

Tragic event that occurred yesterday in Argentina with the death of the Argentino de Mendoza soccer player Florencia Guiñazú, 33, at the hands of her husband, who strangled her and then took his own life. After several hours of searching, the player appeared dead at her house with clear signs of strangulation.

They also do not rule out that one of their two children (5 and 7 years old) may have witnessed the crime given that, before committing suicide, Ignacio Notto hung a sign in one of the windows that said ‘call 911, that the boys are alone’. When the security forces arrived thanks to a call from a neighbor who read the message, they found one of the minors at the crime scene and immediately protected him.

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The victim reported gender violence against her husband for the first time in November of last year, but the prosecutor handling the case does not rule out that she has experienced more episodes of this style previously. In fact, authorities believe that the murder was carried out after an argument that took place in the house they both shared, although in fact they were separated.

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