These are the most important news of April 13, 2022

These are the most important news of April 13, 2022

Police raided and arrested the musicians Joshua Monroy, Leonardo Channels, Salvador Spinoza Y Xochitl Tapia, without the motives or whereabouts of the artists being known until now. The arrests were made on Tuesday, April 12, days after one of the detainees, Monroy, performed a concert in which he paid tribute to the victims of the April 2018 repression.

This Wednesday, the harassment would have continued against the vocalist Ludwig Gomez of the musical band Ximena, and the Italian artist Emilia Arienti, known as Ailime, whose homes were harassed, according to national media. About Ailime there would be a deportation process.

The Human Rights Collective Nicaragua Never Again denounced the “current repressive wave” of the Ortega-Murillo regime and “the arbitrary and unconstitutional arrests” of musicians in the framework of the fourth anniversary of the civic rebellion, which began in April.

He stated that the detained artists “are deprived of their liberty without constitutional legal reason and all of their human rights to liberty, presumption of innocence, security and personal integrity are violated; as well as the right to art, song and music».

The spokeswoman for the regime Rosario Murilloextolled this Wednesday the virtual victory of the regime over the protesters during the social protests of April 2018. Murillo has remembered the date by baptizing it as “victories of peace”.

In his phone call, he stated that they continue “protecting peace, celebrating the joy of living in peace, celebrating and giving thanks to the Father for the victories of peace that are triumphs of the people.”

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Between Holy Monday and Holy Tuesday, 29 incidents related to human rights violations were recorded throughout the country, confirmed the multidisciplinary group Blue and White Monitoring.

The platform indicates that, during those two days, government operators carried out seven harassments, six arrests, 11 break-ins, four threats Y a prosecution incident. The harassment and raids were directed towards political organizations, political prisoners and family members of April victims.

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Nicaraguan organizations exiles In Miami, United States, they will carry out a march in commemoration of the four years of civic struggle of the Nicaraguan people. In the program that will take place on April 17, a group of exiles will previously participate in a Eucharist with Monsignor Silvio Báez, a Catholic leader critical of the dictatorship.

Nicaraguan opponents asked the president-elect of Costa Rica, Rodrigo Chavez, “influence the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo so that it restores democracy” in Nicaragua. Through a letter, sent recently, they demanded that he “maintain on his diplomatic agenda the pertinent steps so that the more than 170 political prisoners are released in Nicaragua.”

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