Dr. Paulino Vigil affirms that due to some misinformation or unfounded fears, people are not getting vaccinated

The doctor and scientific researcher of Senacyt, Paulino Vigil, affirmed this Thursday, on Radio Panama, that our country is doing very well in terms of the application of vaccines against Covid-19.

“In Panama, vaccination has been quite accepted, however, there are still people who, due to some mistaken knowledge or unfounded fears, have not been vaccinated,” he remarked.

He explained that the first dose of 5 years and older, 87% of the population has received, “we would be talking about 9 out of 10 vaccinable people. Two doses have been received by 78%”.

He indicated that the protection generated by antibodies takes 4 to 6 months, and if you were infected naturally you will be protected for 3 months, but by the fourth or sixth month there is enormous susceptibility to re-infecting you.

He explained that “it is not true that you are protected forever or for long periods of time if you have been infected and not vaccinated. We call it hybrid immunity because there is a double factor at work if you have been infected.”

The doctor pointed out that every time a new variant appears, we cannot guarantee that the infection that previously gave us will protect us from that variant. “There are things that we clearly know, and that is that vaccines generate protection,” Vigil concluded.

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