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There will be new fuel prices starting this Friday, March 24

Angel Valdes | March 22, 2023

The Ministry of Energy reported that starting this Friday, March 24, there will be new fuel prices.

95 octane gasoline maintains its price at one dollar and five cents per liter, 91 octane gasoline will rise one cent, remaining at one dollar per liter.

Low sulfur diesel will lower its price by 95 cents per liter, these prices will be in force until 5:59 in the morning of March 24

With these new fuel prices that come into effect as of this Friday, the savings per subsidized gallon in the 95-octane fuel, the savings per subsidized gallon will be 27 cents. 91 octane gasoline will be 0.54 cents and in the gallon of diesel the savings would be 0.35 cents. a gallon of 91 and 95 octane gasoline and subsidized diesel is 3 dollars and 25 cents

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