"Artificial intelligence" reached the Chamber of Deputies

“Artificial intelligence” reached the Chamber of Deputies

The deputy of Patria Querida, Sebastián García, spoke this Wednesday about the aArrival of ChatGPT to Paraguay. It is the successful conversational bot powered by Artificial Intelligence, which is capable of providing answers with a high level of precision, covering a wide range of topics.

The parliamentarian showed the utilities of the tool and even presented “the first speech written by artificial intelligence in the National Congress”.

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“The result, detailed and with articles, was impressive”, highlighted the deputy and explained that the bill was adjusted to the Constitution and the laws of our country, with a focus on the elimination of corruption.

Garcia urged his colleagues to “prepare for the future and be able to rise to the new challenges”, adding that from the same Congress, this technology can be used in favor of improving legislative management, even drafting a bill.

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It is worth mentioning that ChatGPT can be used to make inquiries of all kinds on a variety of topicswhich can range from how to write a 100 word essay on global warming until tips to prepare a meal with chicken and vegetablesto name a few examples.

The entrance “Artificial intelligence” reached the Chamber of Deputies was first published on newspaper TODAY.

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