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Activists create new political force “Patria Libre”

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Activists create new political force “Patria Libre”

Various activists and personalities created a new right as a political force in the Dominican Republic called “Patria Libre” (Palib), whose short-term objective is to enter the National Congress by the year 2024.

Palib has been founded by the thinktank “ÚnicaVía”, the social movement “Somos La Resistencia”, Fernando Abreu, Aneudy Santos, Jaime Rincon, Loren Montalvo, Noelia Hazim, Warren Torres (Santiago Vertical), Joel Puello Reyes, Poche, Hamlet Collazo (Libera Acción), Neftali Rojas, among others.

The coalition tries to pursue the recognition of the Central Electoral Board (JCE) both as a political group (provincial party) and as a future national party, initiating the collection of signatures at www.patrialibre.do.

“The purpose is for the country to finally hold a New Right political force based on epistemology, empirical evidence, and logic in order to achieve the economic triumph of the Dominican in a free, strong, and sovereign homeland, defending life, liberty, and private property”, quote the activists through a press release.

They also reported that Palib’s motto is “For Sovereignty, Life, Liberty, and Prosperity.”

“Patria Libre, without lukewarmness, advances the ideals that unite Libertarianism and Conservatism, that is, a Real Right or New Right in both economic and social terms, with a small and efficient State (without cutting social spending, only political spending) with low taxes and economic freedom but strong in citizen and national security, while defending Life, Family and Natural Liberty and at the same time preserving in freedom the ethical and moral values ​​of society» the statement stated.


He cites that among his proposals to generate enormous prosperity and wealth for all are a significant reduction in taxes, excessive regulations and permits, the reduction of political (not social) spending and duplicated public institutions, mergers of compatible ministries, voucher education system school check, police system combining the successful Plan Colombia and the Plan for Broken Windows in New York, among others.

As part of its founding groups, the Única Vía Thinktank develops Palib’s ideas and public policy proposals, while “Somos la Resistencia” consists of its organization of social movement, logistics and demonstrations for social causes such as the defense of Life and the Homeland.

The thinker and lawyer Fernando Abreu, founder of the official Thinktank of Patria Libre (ÚnicaVía), was elected as the president of Patria Libre.

Patria Libre is currently the only political force with an ideology and the precise public policies that it promotes, which can be appreciated and signed at: www.patrialibre.do

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