There will be accommodation at the 2022 World Cup with prices from $84 to $1,000

There will be accommodation at the 2022 World Cup with prices from $84 to $1,000

From simple steel beds to luxury villas or cruise ship suites: the accommodation offer deployed by the Qatari organization of the 2022 World Cup seeks to convince the fans who are expected in the emirate at the end of the year.

Visitors will need to buy a match ticket if they want to get accommodation official, but private platforms and certain hotels also offer rooms.

Fans they must also sign up for a special pass that gives them access to the stadiums and fan-zones, explains the Qatari organization of the event that will take place between November 21 and December 18.

More than 1.2 million fans are expected to come from all over the world move to the small country, with an area slightly over 10,000 square kilometers, where nearly three million inhabitants live.

There will be nearly two million tickets available to the public (3.1 million in total), but the organization had already registered nearly 17 million petitions in February, despite criticism regarding Qatar’s assessment of the treatment given to migrant workers.

The wide range of accommodationintended for all budgets, will reassure fans.

The less wealthy will be able to sleep in single steel beds in studios for $84 (76 euros) per night. The wealthiest will have the opportunity to spend a night in a luxury villa or on a cruise for around 1,000 dollars (900 euros).

The government and the International Football Federation (FIFA) have reserved 130,000 hotel rooms and apartmentss for the competition. They will also have two cruise ships in the port of Doha and will be able to set up desert camps for fans.

Omar al-Jaber, executive director in charge of accommodation within the organizing committee, stated at a press conference that the price varies “according to the place and the type of accommodation chosen”.

He warned, however, thatThe rates would be based on “supply and demand”, and that those who book early will get the cheapest prices.

When the AFP went online to reserve accommodation an hour after it opened, had to wait 50 minutes to access list of hotels and rooms.

– Alcohol in fan areas –

The cheapest were a studio with two single steel beds and a common kitchen, on a campus in Al Wakra, a Doha neighborhood where alcohol consumption is prohibited.

The room at $84 per night at Barwa Barahat Al Janoub Cluster A it includes a bathroom, but the kitchen is shared.

Sale of beer and strong drinks is highly restricted in this conservative Muslim country.

But the government plans to authorize alcohol in fan-zones, where fans will be able to watch the World Cup matches on giant screens.

Studios and most accommodation near Al Janoub Stadium, which will host several matches, are practically new.

There are also luxury villas available near Al Khalifa Stadium in Doha for $920 a night.

Numerous followers will also be able to sleep in one of the 400 cabins available on MSC Poetry and MSC World Europe cruise ships.

Prices start at $180 per night for a basic stateroom, while some suites are more than twice as expensive.

Fans must sign up for a Hayya card, which will serve as a visa in Qatar. and a passport to enter the stadiums, the fan-zones and to enjoy free transport. The card should also indicate if the owner is vaccinated against covid-19.

“The Hayya card is the gateway to access the 2022 World Cup stadiums, as it is mandatory for all fans,” said Mohammed al-Kuwari, captain of the government’s Safety and Security Operations Committee.

Those who cannot afford accommodation at these prices, they will make the same day return trip from Dubai.

FIFA also mentioned the possibility of hosting some fans in “camps in the desert”.

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