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“There is always room for talk in that turban…”: Marbelle’s pulla for Piedad Córdoba

"There is always room for talk in that turban...": Marbelle's pulla for Piedad Córdoba

Marbella / Piedad Cordoba.

The singer sparked controversy after the senator was held in Honduras with a large sum of money.

Colombia News.

Marbelle, a popular music singer, made a controversial comment on her Twitter account that made reference to the retention of Senator Piedad Córdoba in Honduran territory for the amount of 62 thousand dollars, approximately 250 million Colombian pesos, money that allegedly would not have declared.

This large sum of money was in his luggage when he was about to travel from Honduras to Panama.

“There is always talk in that turban,” was the message posted on her Twitter by the artist who has been very active on social networks on political issues and who has also declared herself against the ideology of the Historical Pact party, a movement of which she makes Córdoba and who also aspires to the presidency of the republic with the formula Gustavo Petro-Francia Márquez.

See: Piedad Córdoba returned to being a senator in Colombia with the Historical Pact

The interpreter of “Necklace of Fine Pearls” mentioned the turban for being a garment that identifies the congresswoman.

Piedad Córdoba’s money was found inside one of her suitcases in a routine procedure at Palmerola International Airport, Comayagua department. According to the report of the National Migration Institute (INM), Córdoba alleged that the dollars belonged to a Colombian businessman who resides in the city of Tegucigalpa.

“He is being summoned to give statements and to follow the corresponding legal procedure.”

Communiqué from the National Institute of Migration of Honduras.

When Piedad Córdoba was questioned about the origin of the money, she commented that it was the result of the payment of some consultancies.

It is worth noting that a traveler on an international flight can only carry $10,000 in cash.

For now and while her situation is resolved, the Colombian congresswoman is being held in a police station in the Central American country.

Córdoba has a period of 48 hours to explain the origin of the 62 thousand dollars, money that is in the hands of the Honduran Public Ministry.

Cover photo: @marbelle

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