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Evo’s MAS threatens mobilizations if the TSE endorses the El Alto congress

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Evo's MAS threatens mobilizations if the TSE endorses the El Alto congress

May 19, 2024, 4:00 AM

May 19, 2024, 4:00 AM

The social sectors related to Evo Morales threaten with mobilizations if the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) endorses the congress of the Arcista wing that took place in the city of El Alto. The coca grower leader said that this action would be “political genocide.” Morales criticized the lack of independence in the judicial and electoral system and claimed to be “legally qualified” to be a presidential candidate in 2025.

“We cannot understand how the Supreme Electoral Tribunal is going to be subject to the constitutional bodies and the national government. If tomorrow or the day after the Supreme Electoral Tribunal recognized the El Alto congress, it would be a political genocide, “A genocide of the indigenous movement through its political instrument would be an attack on democracy,” Morales said.

At the beginning of May of this administration, the electoral body decided not to supervise the MAS congress of the Arcista wing because it was not endorsed by the national leadership of the ruling party, which is headed by Evo Morales. However, the First Constitutional Chamber of La Paz, through member Israel Campero, ordered that the TSE accompany the convened congress. by the Arcista Unity Pact in the city of El Alto to renew the leadership of the MAS.

That congress took place between May 3 and 5. At that meeting, a new MAS board of directors from the Arcist wing was formed, headed by the peasant leader Grover Vargas. Julia Ramos, from the “Bartolinas”, was elected as the first vice president. and as second president, Fidel Surco, former senator and leader of the intercultural groups.
Economic management

“We declare ourselves in a permanent state of emergency, we are ready for future mobilizations throughout the national territory. “If the political rights of the indigenous movement are violated, the response will be very forceful on the roads and in the streets,” points out one of the last points of the expanded Unity Pact that was read by the leader Ramiro Cucho, executive of Conamaq.

Until Wednesday, the members of the TSE must meet in a full room and endorse or reject the congress of the arcistas who elected their own board. The report of the Intercultural System for Democratic Strengthening (Sifde) was delivered on Friday and all that remains is to know the decision of the full chamber of the country’s highest electoral court.

Yesterday, in the city of Cochabamba, Evo Morales’ bloc met to make determinations regarding the situation of the MAS and the Government’s policies, one of them the economic situation. Evo Morales, at the inauguration of this expanded, assured that he is qualified to be a presidential candidate and said that in 2025 “the revolution will be recovered and Bolivia will be saved.”

At the closing of the event, Evo Morales took the opportunity to highlight that no elected or appointed public official can perform organic tasks of the party, as a titular delegate of any entity. The decision clearly targeted the MAS leader of the Arcista wing, Grover García, who is district director of the Ministry of Rural Development.

Meanwhile, Vice President David Choquehuanca assured yesterday that social organizations are the “engine of the change process.” Therefore, he asked for “unity”, because in the past “many mistakes have been made and it is now time” to repair them.

“Brothers, you are the engine of the change process and that engine of the change process never has to stop. Leaders have to guarantee that this engine does not stop and that our process continues. Many mistakes have been made in the past. Today it is our turn to repair. There has not been a strategic vision, for example, of the country’s industrial development,” said Choquehuanca.

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