There is a 24-hour strike of the Coetc and Ucot companies

Asctot-Coetc issued today a public statement informing that “a new robbery” occurred. In this sense, they explain that a worker on a bus on line 456 was shot after a robbery and that a 24-hour strike will be held. In the event, which occurred at dawn near Luis Gerona Casale Street and Camino Domingo Arena (Las Piedras), the worker was robbed of the sum of $522.

«Faced with a new robbery on line 456 with the misfortune of suffering a gunshot wound to the colleague in the robbery, Ascot-Coetc decides to carry out a 24-hour stoppage already with the first services on Saturday, August 20, and returning to the first services on Sunday 21,” he said in the statement. On the other hand, he added that the cooperative is still “attentive to the evolution of the partner” and that “managements are being made with the Ministry of the Interior.” Today afternoon, the union reported that the worker is fine, and that he has already been discharged.

The mayor of Montevideo Carolina Cosse also referred to the robbery which ended with one worker injured. «They robbed a bus and after having the money and without any resistance from the worker, they shot him in the leg. Luckily he is out of danger. All our solidarity with him, his family and the transport workers. It is urgent to address these security issues », he wrote on his Twitter account.

With the passing of the hours, and on the afternoon of this Saturday, Ascot-Ucot issued a statement stating that “given the impossibility of having police custody for night services by the Ucot Security Commission, the company resolves continue the stoppage of all activities until the first departures on Sunday 21 ». The strike had begun in the company at 10:59, but then decided to extend it for more hours, until the first services of the coming day.

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