Government celebrates Firefighter's Day while on the street they have no water to put out the fire

Government celebrates Firefighter’s Day while on the street they have no water to put out the fire

Firefighters in Venezuela celebrate their Day “without water, without vehicles, without adequate protective equipment and with precarious salaries,” says the NGO Kaleidoscope Human

This Saturday the National Firefighter’s Day is celebrated in Venezuela. During a act of celebrationthe Minister of the Interior, Remigio Ceballos, attended the promotion of 6,585 firefighters, 380 decorated, 60 improved vehicles were delivered to “strengthen” the national risk management system.

Ceballos highlighted that the Units for the Analysis of Sinister Scenes have been created, “it helps us for the scenes in terms of Citizen Security, we have found formulas to strengthen the National Firefighters Fund”.

On the other hand, the country’s fire departments seem to have little to celebrate. The NGO Human Kaleidoscope He published on his Twitter account that more than 100 of these relief bodies in the country are suffering from the crisis of basic services, such as the lack of water.

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“Without water, without vehicles, without adequate protective equipment and with precarious salaries, Venezuelan firefighters safeguard the lives and property of citizens,” the organization said on its Twitter account.

The NGO argued that the lack of water is a violation of economic, social and cultural rights, and that it “increases the risks in emergency situations and threatens the life and property of Venezuelans.”

Voluntad Popular published a message on its Twitter account in which it thanks the firefighters for their work and regrets the conditions in which they must work. “We are grateful that in the midst of precariousness, due to a regime that ended vital services such as water and gasoline, they remain firm and committed to attending to the contingencies that arise,” the message states.

On August 5, Nicolás Maduro set the goal of recovering basic services before the end of the year, for which he asked citizens to denounce the failures that occur in their communities and the ministers and state companies that provide these services. reports.

During a broadcast on the Venezolana de Televisión (VTV) channel, the president asked the Minister of Water, Rodolfo Marco Torres, for this resource to reach 95% of homes by the end of 2022.

“As of December 31 of this year, we must have 95% water coverage for all Venezuelan homes. You stop, you suffer, you scream, you cry, but you carry out my order, whatever it is, “Maduro ordered.

door improvements

During an act on August 17, the Minister of the Interior, Remigio Ceballos, announced the completion of an inspection of the Fire Departments at the national level, in order to unify scientific and technological criteria to continue guaranteeing well-being and tranquility to the Venezuelan people.

“I am giving the order to the Vice Minister of Risk Management and Civil Protection, to start a national inspection of all the Fire Departments, to know their current status, requirement and necessary diagnosis that allows us to make a 2-year Development Plan. so that we can optimize the actions of the Fire Department”, he emphasized.

It also certified 225 officials of the National Training Program (PNF) in Fire Sciences and Fire Safety and 118 new professionals in the National Training Program (PNF) in Civil Protection and Disaster Management in the country.

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