There are contradictions in the MAS due to a 'power vacuum' in the 2019 crisis

There are contradictions in the MAS due to a ‘power vacuum’ in the 2019 crisis

The ex-parliamentaries of the MAS Susana Rivero and Omar Aguilar issued different versions of what happened in the Legislative AssemblyFollowing the resignation and flight of Evo Morales from the country, in November 2019. According to her statements in the trial for the coup d’état II case against Jeanine Añez and the military, the former deputy indicated that Adriana Salvatierra did not resign from the presidency of the Senate, while the former senator ratified that there was an order for parliamentarians to abandon their positions.

There was an instruction for a collective resignation. I cannot directly specify if it was from Adriana Salvatierra, but the former head of Communication in the official group of the Chamber of Senators informed us that there was the decision, the instruction of the Presidency of the collective resignation, “revealed Aguilar at the hearing.

Nevertheless, Rivero insisted that there was no power vacuum and denied the resignation of the then president of the Senate, Adriana Salvatierra. He added that the then-senator Áñez had “illegally” taken over the presidency of the Upper House and then “proclaimed herself” as Head of State.

Along these lines, Aguilar specified that Añez, who at that time was serving as a senator for the Democratic Unity (UD), should have called a session to choose the new president of senators, but he made the mistake of not doing so and currently has no way to prove that he presided over the Senate because he does not have a chamber resolution of November 2019.

“Don Alberto ‘Gringo’ Gonzales, Salvatierra, Milton Barón, Eva Copa have a document that can prove that they were presidents of the Senate. After the vote to be president, a resolution is approved in the plenary session that justly certifies his condition. The only one who will not be able to accredit in the process is Jeanine Añez”, explained the former parliamentarian in a previous interview with EL DEBER.

The power vacuum in 2019 arose after Evo Morales resigned from the Presidency and fled to Mexico and then to Argentina, accused by the OAS of electoral fraud.

Previously, Aguilar questioned the former authorities for “getting under the cot” when it was some legislators together with the Government of Añez who managed to pacify the country.
“Many got under his cot to hide from the clutches of Arturo Murillo, we could say. What was going to happen if the rest of the assembly members got under our cot?” criticized Aguilar, who resigned from the MAS in 2020.

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