Therapeutic Abortion Commission will only be activated if the request is due to risk of maternal death

Dr. Geneva González, National Head of the Sexual and Reproductive Health Section of the Ministry of Health (Minsa), analyzed this Friday the issue of the guidelines that must be followed to request a therapeutic abortion, which were published this week.

González clarified that this protocol is not related to the case of the minor under 8 years of age who was sexually abused and became pregnant, but rather they are available to the medical staff.

“Given the ignorance of some colleagues, we decided to make this flow of information more expeditious, efficient and that the patient is not only explained what is happening, but what is going to happen next,” he commented.

He stated that this guide began to be conceived since 2020, because it is important that patients, when they come to request this interruption, were often not well oriented or sent with a gestational age at the limit.

The doctor explained that the Therapeutic Abortion Commission will only be activated if the request is due to the risk of maternal death. “I am talking about someone who has cancer, a heart failure, children who come with malformations or who are known not to survive. Unfortunately, this article only says that up to 2 months of pregnancy, that is, 8 weeks, and that It is not the reality many times in the country; many times they arrive with more time. Those cases are outside the Therapeutic Abortion Commission, “he stressed.

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