Theft and abandonment: Delta Amacuro University is going through an unprecedented crisis

The former mayor of Tucupita, Juan González, a university professor in the area of ​​Agri-food Engineering at the Francisco Tamayo Delta Territorial University (UTD) of Delta Amacuro state, for 15 years, said that the main problems affecting the university are related with the public transport service and the dining room, which have not existed for approximately three years

Author: Abner Ramos / Radio Faith and Joy

The Deltaica Territorial University (UTD) Francisco Tamayo of Delta Amacuro state is going through a critical moment due to multiple deficiencies that have been presenting in recent years. Both professors and students recount the bad moment that this house of studies is going through, which for decades has been the main university in the region.

An unfinished work started by the Ministry of Popular Power for University Education and the “mysterious” disappearances of desktop computers destined for libraries are part of the crisis facing the university, not to mention the obvious deterioration of its entire infrastructure.

The former mayor of Tucupita, Juan González, who has been working as a university professor for 15 years in the Agri-Food Engineering area of ​​this alma mater, explained that the main problems that affect the house of studies are related to the public transport service and the dining room, which have not existed for approximately three years.

“UTD has been without a dining room for more than three years,” lamented the university professor in an interview for Radio Fe and Alegría Noticias.

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In this sense, he questioned that although there are companies that distribute food through the CLAPs, the lack of food in this university education center is not fully addressed.

On the other hand, he stressed that all means of transport no longer work and have been progressively dismantled.

González reiterated that the lack of transportation harms the practical classes that the students of the Agro-Food and Veterinary Medicine University Training Programs must take, since teachers must fill out and obtain some means to transport their students to the field of work outside that university.

dismantled modules

The library is one of the spaces that has suffered the most criminal attacks. According to González, those responsible would be people who work at the UTD and although there have been investigations on multiple occasions, nothing has been recovered.

Of 10 computers that were donated to the library in January 2013, none remain. All have progressively disappeared and to date no one has been identified as being involved in these events. In addition, the theft of all the air conditioners that worked in that module has been recorded.

González revealed that of the 270 tables and chairs that were donated to the most recently built green module, in addition to 18 desks for teachers, there is nothing left. More than 10 years ago, the Ministry of Popular Power for University Education began the execution of a project that consisted of the construction of 14 new classrooms divided into three modules, but after discovering an alleged “irregular event” these structures were left unfinished.

Only four classrooms could be completed, which now function as the area where Veterinary Medicine students take classes. However, it was not entirely good because after three months the windows were stolen.

José Gregorio Blanco, a student of the National Computer Training Program, agreed with González regarding the urgency that exists due to the inoperability of the dining room and the non-existence of transport for university students.

Likewise, Blanco, 21 years old, revealed that he has fewer and fewer partners because they have abandoned their careers. He explained that when he started his career a year ago, there were 60 students in his classroom and in three months that number was reduced to 40 people. With the passing of the months until today, there are only 21 students in the initial journey.

González also spoke about desertion, since as a teacher he had to teach 30 students in the University Initiation Program in agri-food in October 2022. Seven months later, only 10 remain.

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