Cuban Customs seized 14 kilograms of drugs between January and May

The General Customs of the Republic of Cuba (AGR) seized 14 kilograms of drugs between January and May of this year.

Among the seized caches, substances such as cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy and synthetic cannabinoids predominate, official media report.

In 12 of the cases, the offenders were Cubans and eight foreigners of various nationalities and origins, as specified to the Cuban News Agency (ACN) the director of Risk Management and Control of the AGR, Nelson Gutiérrez Acosta.

The manager warned of the increasing complexity of the offenders’ methods in terms of diversity and ingenuity to hide the substances.

To act “in a timely manner”, Customs has perfected its means and equipment, Gutiérrez Acosta said.

In addition, a modern office on real-time operational communication between international airports to counter organized crime, illicit drug trafficking and prevent terrorism was inaugurated in May 2022.

Dismantle drug trafficking operation in Cuba

At the moment, the office operates in Terminal 3 of the José Martí International Airport, but there are plans to install another at the Juan Gualberto Gómez airport in Varadero, Matanzas, the source explained.

One of the most recent events related to drug trafficking on the island took place last may 18.

That day Cuban Border Guard troops and the United States Coast Guard frustrated an international drug trafficking operation north of Banes, Holguín, with 340.7 kilograms of marijuana.

The operation, which was not known until May 21, revealed that the drug was stored in a total of 17 containers.

The Cuban government adheres to 11 extradition treaties, 34 legal aid treaties, 42 drug treaties, and 31 sanctioned transfer treaties with other countries, the main multilateral legal instruments approved by the United Nations.

Similarly, it has constantly reaffirmed its policy of zero tolerance for drug trafficking.

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